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SFWA President Endorses PC Bulletin Censorship

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SFWA President Endorses Politically Correct Bulletin Censorship

(Copyright to the following article is hereby relinquished. It may be freely copied and distributed.)

[Signatories will be added periodically.]

Please note that an earlier version of the following was sent to a few members and then subsequently revised to better reflect its purpose and goals. This should be taken as the official, public version.

by Dave Truesdale

Steven Gould, President of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, is about to institute a policy of censorship based on political correctness in the organization’s public publication, the magazine available for purchase by the general public, the SFWA Bulletin.

As a former Bulletin editor serving at the pleasure of two SFWA Presidents (Paul Levinson and Norman Spinrad) I was shocked when I visited the page at the SFWA website where the call for a new Bulletin editor listed the new job guidelines and requirements.

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