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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993

5 stories from Book of Shadows Vol. 1 edited by Angela Challis

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"How to Write Flesh Fiction" by Greg Beatty
"Seed and Soil" by Josh Rountree
"Stealing Fire" by Shane Jiraiya Cummings
"Still Born" by Mikal Trimm
"The Reading" by Kurt Newton

Forbidden Planets edited by Marvin Kaye

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"Mid-Death" by Alan Dean Foster
"Walking Star" by Allen Steele
"JQ211F, And Holding" by Nancy Kress
"Rococo" by Robert Reed
"Kaminsky at War" by Jack McDevitt
"No Place Like Home" by Julie E. Czerneda


The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror 2006: 19th Annual Collection, edited by Ellen Datlow et al.

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"Walpurgis Afternoon" by Delia Sherman
"The Mushroom Duchess" by Deborah Roggie
"An Incident at Agate Beach" by Marly Youmans
"Among the Tombs" by Reggie Oliver
"American Morons" by Glen Hirshberg
Image"Shallaballah" by Mark Samuels
"Denial" by Bruce Sterling
"Northwest Passage" by Barbara Roden
"Proboscis" by Laird Barron
"Kronia" by Elizabeth Hand
"Follow Me Light" by Elizabeth Bear
"Boatman's Holiday" by Jeffrey Ford
"The Horse of a Different Color (That You Rode In On)" by Howard Waldrop
"Where Angels Come In" by Adam L.C. Neville
"Twilight States" by Albert E. Cowdrey
"The Last Ten Years in the Life of Hero Kai" by Geoff Ryman
"The Souls of Drowning Mountain" by Jack Cady
"The Last One" by Robert Coover
"The Ball Room" by China Miéville, Emma Bircham, & Max Schäfer
"Vacation" by Daniel Wallace
"Cruel Sistah" by Nisi Shawl
"Ding-Dong-Bell" by Jay Russell
"A Case Study of Emergency Room Procedure and Risk Management by Hospital Staff Members in the Urban Facility" by Stacey Richter
"The Scribble Mind" by Jeffrey Ford
"Scarecrow" by Tom Brennan
"Going the Jerusalem Mile" by Chaz Brenchley
"Boman" by Pentti Holappa
"The Machine of a Religious Man" by Ralph Robert Moore
"Hot Potting" by Chuck Palahniuk
"My Father's Mask" by Joe Hill
"The Guggenheim Lovers" by Isabel Allende
"A Statement in the Case" by Theodora Goss
"The Pavement Artist" by Dave Hutchinson
"The Gypsies in the Wood" by Kim Newman

Gods and Monsters edited by Jason Andrew and Michael Dryer

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"Dea Ex Machina" by Derek J. Goodman
"The Banjo House" by Michael Nethercott
"The Chalk Giant" by Ian Creasey
"Day of the Mask" by Gary McMahon
"The Owl Dreams" by Larisa Walk
"Scorched Earth" by Joel Arnold
"The Labyrinth" by James S. Dorr
"Its Hour Come Round at Last" by Hall Charles
"Thunder" by Dave Bartlett
"Pieces of Pi" by David Bartwell
"Rain Against My Window" by Nate Southard
"Happy Days with Dick and Jane" by Lavie Tidhar
"Magpie" by Gill Ainsworth
"The New Gods of the Lost Children" by Jason Andrew

Shadow Regions edited by César Puch

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“You Must Remember This” by Gary A. Braunbeck
“2731” by Stephen Roy
Image“The Painfully Slow Seduction of Aldus Lamb” by Christopher Hawkins
“Under the Bed” by A. C. Wise
“Marcum’s Teeth” by David Bell
“Three Days” by William D. Carl
“Teapot in the Well” by Bonnie Mercure
“The Curse” by Barton Paul Levenson
“A Road Like This, At Night” by Lon Prater      
“The Devil You Know” by Terri Fleming
“Lost and Found” by Trent Roman
“Casting Stones” by Erik Tomblin
“Careless Acts of Devastation” by John Mantooth
“damnation.com” by Justin Gustainis
“Called on Account” by Mark Rigney
“Pulse” by Lynn Carney
“Passage” by Brian Rappatta
“Only the Young” by Josh Rountree
“Invisible” by Nicholas Tyler
“The Bus Ride” by John Shea

One Million A.D. edited by Gardner Dozois

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“Good Mountain” by Robert Reed
“A Piece of the Great World” by Robert Silverberg
“Mirror Image” by Nancy Kress
“Thousandth Night” by Alastair Reynolds
“Missile Gap” by Charles Stross
“Riding the Crocodile” by Greg Egan

Twenty Epics edited by David Moles and Susan Marie Groppi

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"Two Figures in a Landscape Between Storms" by Christopher Rowe
"Cup and Table" by Tim Pratt
"Have You Any Wool" by Alan DeNiro
Image"The End of the Road for Hybeth and Grinar" by Rachel McGonagill
"The Rose War" K. D. Wentworth
"Choose Your Own Epic Adventure" by Marcus Ewert
"The Creation of Birds" by Christopher Barzak
"The Rider" Meghan McCarron
"The Dinner Game" by Stephen Eley
"The Book of Ant" by Jon Hansen
"The Muse of Empires Lost" by Paul Berger
"Five Hundred and Forty Doors" by David J. Schwartz
"Life Sentence" by Sandra McDonald
"A Short History of the Miraculous Flight to Punt" by Jack Mierzwa
"Bound Man" by Mary Robinette Kowal
"Smitten" by Zoë Selengut
"The Last Day of Rea" by Ian McHugh
"Hopscotch" by Yoon Ha Lee
"A Siege of Cranes" by Benjamin Rosenbaum
"Epic, The" Scott William Carter

Mythic 2 edited by Mike Allen

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"Homecoming" by Sonya Taaffe
"Visanna" by Charles Saplak
"The Immigrant" by Cherie Priest
"Temnaya and the House of Books" by Catherynne M. Valente
"The Tale of the Desert that Vanished Inside Her" by JoSelle Vanderhooft
"Moonstone" by Erzebet YellowBoy 
"A Pinch of Salt" by Richard Parks
"Simargl and the Rowan Tree" by Ekaterina Sedia
"The Wind-Catching Wizard" by Danny Adams

Down These Dark Spaceways, edited by Mike Resnick

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"Guardian Angel" by Mike Resnick
"In the Quake Zone" by David Gerrold           
"The City of Cries" by Catherine Asaro
"Camouflage" by Robert Reed
"The Big Downtown" by Jack McDevitt
"Identity Theft" by Robert J. Sawyer

The Fair Folk, edited by Marvin Kaye

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"UOUS" by Tanith Lee
"Grace Notes" by Megan Lindholm
"The Gypsies in the Wood" by Kim Newman
"The Kelpie" by Patricia McKillip
"An Embarrassment of Elves" by Craig Gardner
"Except the Queen" by Jane Yolen and Midori Snyder

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