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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Classics Reviewed
This feature focuses on the short story in various ways. Articles can deal with specific short stories either obscure or forgotten, or well known classics; or short story collections, either single author or multi-author collections, reprint or original--or their editors (collections edited by Judith Merril, August Derleth, or Groff Conklin, for but three examples). Some stories, while perhaps not well known or considered "classic," may have direct relevance today and deserve another look. Query first, please. If the work under consideration is unavailable and/or unknown to the editor, a copy must be made available (electronically, by link, or otherwise) for review.

The General Zapped An Angel: New Stories of Fantasy and Science Fiction by Howard Fast

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Image"The General Zapped An Angel"    
"The Mouse"
"The Vision of Milty Boil"
"The Mohawk"
"The Wound"
"Tomorrow's Wall Street Journal"
"The Interval"
"The Movie House"
"The Insects"

Burning Chrome by William Gibson

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"Johnny Mnemonic"
"The Gernsback Continuum"
"Fragments of a Hologram Rose"
"The Belonging Kind" (with John Shirley)
"Red Star, Winter Orbit" (with Bruce Sterling)
"New Rose Hotel"
"The Winter Market"
"Dogfight" (with Michael Swanwick)
"Burning Chrome"

"All You Zombies--" by Robert Heinlein, March 1959 Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction

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ImageThis month marks the centennial of science fiction grand master Robert A. Heinlein's birth, and it would seem inappropriate not to somehow acknowledge that here in Tangent's "classics" corner.  Given that the event currently being commemorated is a birth, a Heinlein story about a birth seems right, and the obvious pick there is his short story "All You Zombies—," which first appeared in the March 1959 issue of the Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction.


"Judgment Day" by L. Sprague de Camp

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In light of the Columbine High School and the recent Red Lake, Minnesota massacres by disturbed teenagers, L. Sprague de Camp's "Judgment Day," from the August 1955 issue of Astounding Science Fiction is more timely and relevant than ever.