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... Nicky Magas (NM), Adrian McCauley (AM), Jason McGregor (JM), Michelle Ristuccia (MR), Chuck Rothman (CR), Seraph (S), Victoria Silverwolf (VS), Dave Truesdale (DT), Robert L Turner III (RLTIII), Clancy ...
2. Diabolical Plots #32A & B, October 2017
(E-Market / Monthly/Diabolical Plots)
Diabolical Plots #32A & B, October 2017 “Lightning Dance” by Tamlyn Dreaver “Three Days of Unnamed Silence” by Daniel Ausema Reviewed by Adrian McCauley “Lightning Dance” ...
3. Nightmare #61, October 2017
(E-Market / Monthly/Nightmare Magazine)
Nightmare #61, October 2017 “Don't Turn On The Lights” by Cassandra Khaw “We Are Turning on a Spindle” by Joanna Parypinski Reviewed by Adrian McCauley “Don't Turn On The Lights” ...
4. The Blood of Four Gods by Jamie Lackey
(Print / Other/Collections)
... Adrian McCauley The Blood of Four Gods is a collection of stories, written and selected by the author herself, and includes two previously unpublished tales: “The Balance Between Strength and Wisdom” ...
5. Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores, August 2017
(E-Market / Monthly/Cosmic Roots & Eldritch Shores)
Cosmic Roots and Eldritch Shores, August 2017 “What Fools These Immortals Be” by Evan Dicken “The Glanconer” by L J McLeod Reviewed by Adrian McCauley “What Fools These Immortals ...
6. Apex Magazine #98, July 2017
(E-Market / Monthly/Apex Magazine)
Apex Magazine #98, July 2017 “L'appel du vide” by Rich Larson “The Turing Machines of Babel” by Eric Schwitzgebel Reviewed by Adrian McCauley “L'appel du vide” is a bleak story ...
7. Lightspeed #85, June 2017
(E-Market / Monthly/Lightspeed)
... by Pat Murphy Reviewed by Adrian McCauley “Marcel Proust, Incorporated” is a short thriller about corporate greed, terrorism and bio-engineering. When a product that greatly enhances memory ...
8. Aurealis #100, May 2017
(E-Market / Monthly/Aurealis SF)
...  “The Madlock Chair” by Terry Dowling “All We Have is Us” by Alex Isle “Forest/Trees” by Stephen Higgins “Mayfire” by Rebecca Birch Reviewed by Adrian McCauley This is Aurealis’ ...
9. Grimdark #11, April 2017
(E-Market / Quarterly/Grimdark Magazine)
Grimdark #11, April 2017 “Devouring the Dead” by Laura Davey “The First Kill” by C.T. Phipps “Cry Wolf” by Deborah A. Wolf Reviewed by Adrian McCauley In “Devouring the Dead” ...
10. Tor.com -- March 2017
(E-Market / Irregular/Tor.com)
...  “Ecdysis” by Julianna Baggot “The Scholast in the Low Waters Kingdom” by Max Gladstone Reviewed by Adrian McCauley “Come See the Living Dryad” by Theodora Goss started off in gripping ...
11. Sci Phi Journal #22, February 2017
(E-Market / Monthly/Sci Phi Journal)
Special Double Review by Valerie A. Lindsey & Adrian McCauley   Sci Phi Journal #22, February 2017 “Bread and Salt” by Mark Silcox “Platinum Blonde” by A.A. Leil ...