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Nautilus #4, August 2013

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Nautilus, August 2013

“Hardly Never in Vegas” by Camille Alexa

Reviewed by Joseph Giddings

The August 2013 issue of Nautilus revolves around the central theme of  “The Unlikely.” Their piece of fiction for the month, “Hardly Never in Vegas” by Camille Alexa, follows this theme perfectly. I found it to be mildly interesting, following a girl named “Salty Sue,” who earns her name because she so loves salt (even adds it to her drinking water). But why does she do that? And, why does she avoid fresh water so much? The answer is, well, unlikely, but at the same time, predictable. A mildly interesting story, I was relieved with its brevity. While the rest of this issue has some interesting articles and features, this story can be skipped without missing much.