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Nightmare #72, September 2018

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Nightmare #72, September 2018

House of Small Spiders” by Weston Ochse
True Crime” by M. Rickert (not reviewed, non-speculative)

Reviewed by Kevin P Hallett

There are two first publication stories in the 72nd issue of Nightmare, only one of which is in the speculative genre.

House of Small Spiders” by Weston Ochse

Susan lives with her father in an old house that has a soul in this captivating horror novelette. Having a soul means the house has many small spiders demanding the house be nourished with human blood.

Susan and her father appease the spiders by feeding the house strangers that come to the door. But the house is always hungry.

A boy, Del, comes to visit Susan. And when the spiders call for Del to be fed to the house, Susan resists because she likes Del. But those spiders can be fickle if they don’t get what they want.

The story had mystery from the beginning, which pulled the reader in. The many twists at the end enhanced the enjoyment of the plot.