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Strange Horizons, 24 May 2004

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"Love of the Sea" by Dawn M. Paris

Dawn M. Paris's "Love of the Sea" is evident in this short story of life, longing, and choice.   From the first few sentences, a young couple must choose between their feelings for each other and their obligations.  Heron begs Serla to quit her job as a sailor so that they may marry and start a family.  She is incomplete without the ocean, so she refuses.  He stays behind to tend the family store and wait for her return.

He regrets his choice and reduces his belongings to what can fit inside a carry sack, so that he can join her on a ship.  But their fates are intertwined with the powers of nature--a force that is cruel and without remorse.

The story not only held my interest, it gripped me in a vice and squeezed.  Although the ending was predictable, it resonated with me, reminding me that life happens in spite of my detailed plans.  If streaming across a body of water with the moist wind blowing your hair sets your heart to beat faster, then check out this tale.