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Buffalogenesis by Lawrence M. Schoen

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Buffalogenesis by Lawrence M. Schoen   

In Lawrence M. Schoen's Buffalogenesis, the latest adventures of the Amazing Conroy, our hero has been blacklisted by the entertainment guild for past transgressions, but that doesn't stop him from his money-making schemes.   This time, he's got a buffalo dog of his very own.  One of the most valuable beasties in the universe, buffalo dogs eat anything and emit oxygen from their . . . GI tracts, and Conroy's is female, cranky, and most importantly, pregnant—a guarantee of instant and effusive riches if he can get away with her.  But he's being tracked by a sadistic dream hunter with a score to settle, a man who can find him in the realm of his subconscious, and who furthermore enjoys ripping the arms off people who owe him money. 

Schoen's protagonist is a lovable con man, roguish and endearing—shrewdly perceptive and defenseless by turns—and yet the delightful buffalo dogs nearly steal the show, their personalities charming and fully realized, even though they don't speak a word.  This tale of hypnosis, hijinks, and buffalo dog hot flashes is a fast-paced romp with a surprisingly sweet resolution.   You'll read this on the edge of your seat with a grin on your face. 

Publisher: SRM Publisher Ltd. (Sept. 2006)
Chapbook: $10.00
ISBN: 0977663930