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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Hub: It's all about the story.  Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror in every issue.  Also news, reviews, features and interviews with your favorite writers and stars.

Website: www.hub-mag.co.uk
Subscriptions: www.hub-mag.co.uk/purchase.html

Editor: Lee Harris
Nonfiction Editor: Alasdair Stuart

Hub #2

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“In the Rivermen’s Lair” by Barry J. House
“Little Sacrifices” by Meg Kingston
“Talent Search” by Sarah L. Edwards
“Transcendence Express” by Jetse de Vries
“The Long View” by Mark Torrender
“Eight Excerpts from a Secret Interdimensional War” by David Viner
“ROH!” by Douglas E. Wright
“Juju” by Lee Moan
“TLP” by Vaughan Stanger

Hub, Issue 1

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Image“Bubba Pritchert and the Space Aliens” by Bud Webster
“Old Gods” by James Targett
“Connected” by Alasdair Stuart
“A Frailty of Moths” by James Cooper
“Angel Paper” by Ellen Phillips
“Holiday” by Liam Rands 
“The Frog Pond” by James S. Dorr 
“Adam’s Lawyer” by Martin Owton and Gaie Sebold
“Santa and Mr. Worm” by John B. Rosenman 
“Wanting to Want” by Eugie Foster