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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Stories from Asimov's have won 41 Hugos and 24 Nebula Awards, and our editors have received 18 Hugo Awards for Best Editor. Asimov's was also the 2001 recipient of the Locus Award for Best Magazine.
In 2017 Asimov's switched from a monthly schedule to 6 bi-monthly issues. Beginning with the Jan/Feb 2017 issue, reviews can be found at the Print/Bi-monthly section on the front page.

Editor: Sheila Williams

Asimov's -- December 2014

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Asimov's, December 2014

"The Cryptic Age" by Robert Reed
"Graduation" by Andrew Miller
"Kids These Days" by Vernon Hedrick
"It Gets Bigger" by Gwendolyn Clare
"Videoville" by Christopher East
"Summer Home" by Sue Burke
"Anomaly Station" by Tim Sullivan

Asimov's -- October/November 2014

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Asimov’s Science Fiction, October/November 2014


The Prodigal Son” by Allen M. Steele
Stars Fell on Alabama” by Gord Sellar
Troop 9” by Dale Bailey
Diary of a Pod Person” by Emily Skaftun
Playing with Reality” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Pinono Deep” by Kate Bachus
Minutes to the End of the World” by Brendan DuBois
The Witch of Truckee” by Joel Richards
Uncanny” by James Patrick Kelly
Decaying Orbit” by Robert R. Chase
The Cloisters” by Jeff Grimshaw
What is Sand but Earth Purified?” by Jason Sanford
New Trick” by Tim McDaniel

Asimov's -- September 2014

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Asimov’s, September 2014

Place of Worship” byTochi Onyebuchi
A Lullaby in Glass” by Amanda Forrest
Bogdavi’s Dream” by Tom Purdom
Patterns” by James Gunn
Everyone Will Want One” by Kelly Sandoval
Scouting Report” by Rick Wilber
Windows” by Susan Palwick



Asimov's -- August 2014

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Asimov’s, August 2014

“Of All Possible Worlds” by Jay O’Connell
“Placebo” by Nick Wolven
“Writer’s Block” by Nancy Kress (reprint, not reviewed)
“Mountain Screamers” by Doug C. Souza
“Wet Fur” by Jeremiah Tolbert
“The Low Hum of Her” by Sarah Pinsker

Asimov's -- July 2014

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Asimov s, July 2014

“The Legion of Tomorrow” by Allen M. Steele
“Blood Wedding” by Robert Reed
“The Instructive Tale of the Archeologist and His Wife” by Alexander Jablokov
“Five Six Seven” by Evan Fuller
“Story of our Lives” by Sandra McDonald
“The Woman from the Ocean” by Karl Bunker
“How Do I Get to Last Summer from Here?” by M. Bennardo

Asimov's -- June 2014

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Asimov's, June 2014

"Shatterdown" by Suzanne Palmer
"The Philosopher Duck" by Kara Dalkey
"Ormonde and Chase" by Ian Creasey
"There Was No Sound of Thunder" by David Erik Nelson
"The Finges Clearing" by Sylvain Jouty (translated by Edward Gauvin)
"The Turkey Raptor" by James Van Pelt
"Sidewalk at 12:00 P.M." by Nancy Kress
"Murder in the Cathedral" by Lavie Tidhar

Asimov's -- April/May 2014

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Asimov’s, April/May, 2014

“Each in His Prison, Thinking of the Key” by William Preston
“The Principles” by Robert Reed
“Of Finest Scarlet Was Her Gown” by Michael Swanwick
“Rules of Engagement” by Matthew Johnson
“Scout” by Will McIntosh
“Like a Wasp to the Tongue” by Fran Wilde
“Slowly Upward, The Coelacanth” by M. Bennardo
“The Talking Cure” by K.J. Zimring
“Dolores, Big and Strong” by Joe M. McDermott
“Someday” by James Patrick Kelly

Asimov's -- March 2014

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Asimov’s, March 2014

“The Plantimal” by Mike Resnick and Ken Liu
“Drink in a Small Town” by Peter Wood
“Walking Gear” by Sean Monaghan
“Solomon’s Little Sister” by Jay O’Connell
“The Redemption of Kip Banjeree” by Genevieve Williams
“All the Pretty Little Mermaids” by Cat Rambo
“Through Portal” by Dominica Phetteplace
“Declaration” by James Patrick Kelly

Asimov's -- February 2014

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Asimov’s, February, 2014

“Schools of Clay” by Derek Künsken
“The Long Happy Death of Oxford Brown” by Jason K. Chapman
“Ball and Chain” by Maggie Shen King
Steppin’ Razor” by Maurice Broaddus
Last Day at the Ice Man Café” by M. Bennardo
The Transdimensional Horsemaster Rabbis of Mpumalanga Province” by Sarah Pinsker
“Ask Citizen Etiquette” by Marissa Lingen


Asimov's -- January 2014

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Asimov’s, January 2014

“Memorials” by Aliette de Bodard
“Primes” by Ron Collins
“The Common Good” by Nancy Kress
“Extracted Journal Notes for an Ethnography of Bnebene Nomad Culture” by Ian McHugh
“Static” by William Jablonsky
“The Carl Paradox” by Steve Rasnic Tem

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