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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Stories from Asimov's have won 41 Hugos and 24 Nebula Awards, and our editors have received 18 Hugo Awards for Best Editor. Asimov's was also the 2001 recipient of the Locus Award for Best Magazine.
In 2017 Asimov's switched from a monthly schedule to 6 bi-monthly issues. Beginning with the Jan/Feb 2017 issue, reviews can be found at the Print/Bi-monthly section on the front page.

Editor: Sheila Williams

Asimov's -- December 2013

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Asimov’s, December 2013

“Pearl Rehabilitative Colony for Ungrateful Daughters” by Henry Lien
“Vox ex Machina” by William Preston
“Entangled” by Ian R. MacLeod
“Dignity” by Jay O’Connell
“The Fitter” by Timons Esaias
“Bloom” by Gregory Norman Bossert
“Grainers” by R. Neube
“Frog Watch” by Nancy Kress

Asimov's -- October/November 2013

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Asimov's, October/November 2013
"The Time Travel Club" by Charlie Jane Anders
"Memories of Earth" by Neal Asher
"When the Rain Comin" by Ian McHugh
"Grounded" by Meg Pontecorvo
"Adventures in Cognitive Homogamy: A Love Story" by Paul Di Filippo
"A Very Small Dispensation" by Sheila Finch
"Waiting for Medusa" by Jack Dann
"Quantum Orpheus, at the Light Cone’s Apex" by Igor Teper
"No Others Are Genuine" by Gregory Frost
"The Wildfires of Antarctica" by Alan DeNiro
"Deep Diving" by Joel Richards
"Within These Well-Scrubbed Walls" by Ian Creasey
"Encounter on Starbase Kappa" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

Asimov's -- September 2013

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Asimov’s, September 2013

“The Discovered Country” by Ian R. MacLeod
“The Unparallel’d Death-Defying Feats of Astoundio, Escape Artist Extraordinaire” by Ian Creasey
“A Hole in the Ether” by Benjamin Crowell
“What We Ourselves Are Not” by Leah Cypress
“As Yet Untitled” by James Sallis
“A Stranger from a Foreign Ship” by Tom Purdom
“That Universe We Both Dreamed Of” by Jay O’Connell
“What Changes You, What Takes You Away” by Dominica Phetteplace

Asimov's -- August 2013

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Asimov’s, August 2013

“The Application of Hope” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“Stone to Stone, Blood to Blood” by Gwendolyn Clare
“Arlington” by Jack Skillingstead
“Lost Wax” by Gregory Norman Bossert
“The Ex-Corporal” by Leah Thomas



Asimov's -- July 2013

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Asimov’s, July 2013

"At Palomar" by Rick Wilber
"Blair’s War" by Ian Watson
"Haplotype" by Ted Kosmatka
"The Art of Homecoming" by Carrie Vaughn
"Today’s Friends" by David J. Schwartz
"What is a Warrior Without His Wounds?" by Gray Rinehart
"Yubba Vines" by Rudy Rucker and Paul Di Filippo


Asimov's -- June 2013

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Asimov's, June 2013

"The Fountain" by G. David Nordley
"Skylight" by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
"Hypervigilant" by Eric Del Carlo
"A Long Song Concerning His Vinyard" by Megan Arkenberg
"Precious Mental" by Robert Reed

Asimov's -- April/May 2013

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Asimov’s,  April/May 2013

“The Other Gun” by Neal Asher
“Writing in the Margins” by Joel Richards
“Julian of Earth” by Colin P. Davies
“Spider God and the Periodic Table” by Alan Wall
“Warlord” by Tom Purdom
“Through Your Eyes” by Linda Nagata
“Gray Wings” by Karl Bunker
“The Wall” by Naomi Kritzer
“Distant Like the Stars” by Leah Cypress
“The Oracle” by Ken Liu

Asimov's -- March 2013

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Asimov’s, March 2013

Feral Moon” by Alexander Jablokov

Uncertainty” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Monday’s Monk” by Jason Sanford
Brother Swine” by Garrett Ashley
Needlework” by Lavie Tidhar
Pitching Old Mars” by Michael Cassutt

Asimov's -- February 2013

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Asimov's, February 2013

The Weight of the Sunrise” by Vylar Kaftan

And Then Some” by Matthew Hughes
The New Guys Always Work Overtime” by David Erik Nelson
Outbound from Put-in-Bay” by M. Bennardo
The Golden Age of Story” by Robert Reed
Best of All Possible Worlds” by John Chu

Asimov's -- January 2013

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Asimov's Science Fiction, January 2013

"They Shall Salt the Earth With Seeds of Glass" by Alaya Dawn Johnson

"The Family Rocket" by James Van Pelt
"Mithridates, He Died Old" by Nancy Kress
"Over There" by Will McIntosh
"The Legend of Troop 13" by Kit Reed
"Hotel" by Suzanne Palmer

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