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Crimewave #13: Bad Light

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Crimewave #13: Bad Light





Andy Cox



(TTA Press, May 2018, pb, 242 pp.)


The Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall” by Mat Coward
Sleepless” by Steve Rasnic Tem
Incendiary” by Linda Mannheim
Lam” by Ralph Robert Moore
The Al Pacino Appreciation Society” by Andrew Hook
The Art of Exiting Moving Vehicles” by Catherine Donnelly
Medication” by Mike O’Driscoll
A Grievous Burden” by Gerri Brightwell
If I Should Fall from Grace with God” by Simon Bestwick
The Art Lovers” by Georgina Bruce
Nurse” by Stephen Hargadon
Trapper’s Valley” by Ray Cluley

Brief Cases by Jim Butcher

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Brief Cases







Jim Butcher





(Ace, hc, June 5, 2018, 448 pp.)



A Fistful of Warlocks”
B is for Bigfoot”
AAAA Wizardry”
I Was A Teenage Bigfoot”
Even Hand”
Bigfoot On Campus”
Cold Case”
Jury Duty”
Day One”
Zoo Day”

C.H.U.D. Lives! -- A Tribute Anthology, edited by Joe Mynhardt

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C.H.U.D. Lives! A Tribute Anthology

Edited by

Joe Mynhardt


(Crystal Lake Publishing, April 2018, pb, 183 pp.)


Dog Walker” by Robert E. Waters
“The Dwellers” by Nick Cato
“The City Will Eat You Alive” by Ryan C. Thomas
“Date Night” by David Robbins
“Strange Gods” by Christopher Fulbright and Angeline Hawkes
“Lost and Found” by Greg Mitchell
“They Are C.H.U.D.” by Alex Laybourne
“C.H.A.D.” by Michael H. Hanson
“Samsa’s Party” by Ben Fisher
“The Way to a Man’s Heart” by Tim Waggoner
“Dweller Messiah” by Jason White
“That’s Entertainment” by Mort Castle
“Toxic Disposal” by David Bernstein
“Monstrous Me” by Martin Powell
“Step Ate” by Chad Lutzke
“Zero Hour” by JG Faherty
“The Deuce” by Philip C. Perron
“All at Sea” by Ross Baxter
“You Will Never Leave Harlan Alive” by Jonathan Maberry and Eugene Johnson

Alice Unbound: Beyond Wonderland, edited by Colleen Anderson

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Alice Unbound: Beyond Wonderland




Colleen Anderson


(Exile Editions, May 15, 2018, pb, 320 pp.)


"The Slithy Toves" by Bruce Meyer
"We Are All Mad Here" by Lisa Smedman
"Operation: Looking Glass" by Patrick Bollivar
"Mathilda" by Nicole Iversen
"A Night at the Rabbit Hole" by Cait Gordon
"Reflections of Alice" by Christine Daigle
"True Nature" by Sara C. Walker
"Full House" by Geoff Gander and Fiona Plunkett
"The Smoke" by Costi Gurgu
"The River Street Witch" by Dominik Parisien
"The Rise of the Crimson Queen" by Linda DeMeulemeester
"Her Royal Counsel" by Andrew Robertson
"Dressed in White Paper" by Kate Heartfield
"No Reality but What We Make" by Elizabeth Hosang
"Firewabby" by Mark Charke
"Soup of the Evening" by Robert Dawson
"Cyphoid Mary" by Pat Flewwelling
"Yellow Boy" by James Wood
"Jaune" by Catherine MacLeod
"Wonderband" by Alexandra Renwick

Sherlock Holmes: Adventures in the Realm of H. G. Wells

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Sherlock Holmes:

Adventures in the Realms of H. G. Wells

Volume 2


Edited by

Derrick Belanger & C. Edward Davis



(Belanger Books, December 6, 2017, pb, 276 pp.)


"The Adventure of the Red Planet" by Steve Poling
"The Clash of the Miracle Men" by Rohit Sawant
"The First Selenites on the Earth" by Derek Nason
"The Martian Spy-glass" by Jaap Boekestein
"The Adventure of the Beastly Excisions" by Benjamin Langley
"The Adventure of the Disintegrated Man" by Michael T. Wells
"Sherlock Holmes and the New Accelerator" by Mark Levy, BSI
"A Trap to Catch the Sun" by Andrew Lane
"The Misplaced Mystery Writer" by Richard Paolinelli
"The Beast Within" by Katie Magnusson
"Dr. Watson and the Martians" by C. Edward Davis
"Dr. Watson's Neglected Fragments: The Shape of Deductions to Come" (uncredited)

Monstrosities, edited by Juliana Rew

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Edited by Juliana Rew



(Third Flatiron Publishing, Spring 2018, pb, 174 pp.)


"Chicken Monster Motel" by Keyan Bowes
"Five Billion Pounds of Soul" by Larry Hodges
"Sacrifice Needed, Alcohol Provided" by Carl R. Jennings
"#NotAllTigers" by Mark Pantoja
"The Doomsday Machine Retires" by Ray Daley
"Alien TV Shows Are Bad for Your Eyes" by Brian Trent
"Got Them Wash Day Blues" by James Dorr
"This Tyrant Crown" by Liam Hogan
"The Great Mall" by Salinda Tyson
"Skywalker" by Jennifer R. Povey
"Eaten" by Ville Meriläinen
"Into Xibalba" by Sita C. Romero
"The Emerald Mirage" by Martin M. Clark
"TidBits" by Sharon Diane King
"The Catacombs of Constitutional History" by Julia August
"New Shoes" by Robert Bagnall
"Kismet" by Barry Charman
"They Saw Me Coming" by Russell Hemmell
"Bigger and Better Things" by Joseph Sidari

Star Destroyers, ed. Tony Daniel & Christopher Ruocchio

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Star Destroyers


Edited by

Tony Daniel & Christopher Ruocchio


(Baen, March 6, 2018, 336 pp., Paperback and Kindle)


Superweapon” by David Drake
A Sudden Stop” by Steve White
Another Solution” by Mark L. Van Name
The Magnolia Incident” by Mike Kupari
A Helping Hand” by Jody Lynn Nye
Boomers” by J. R. Dunn
Hate In the Darkness” by Michael Z. Williamson
The Stars Are Silent” by Gray Rinehart
Excerpts From Two Lives” by Sharon Lee & Steve Miller
Icebreaker” by Dave Bara
Try Not To Kill Us All” by Joelle Presby
Skipjack” by Susan R. Matthews
Homecoming” by Robert Buettner
Not Made For Us” by Christopher Ruocchio
A Tale Of The Great Trek War Aboard The Starship Persistence” by Brendan DuBois

Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers, ed. by Sarena Ulibarri

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Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Summers


Edited by

Sarena Ulibarri


(World Weaver Press, June 5, 2018, pb, 283 pp.)

"Caught Root" by Julia K. Patt
"The Spider and the Stars" by D. K. Mok
"Riot of the Wind and Sun" by Jennifer Lee Rossman
"Fyrewall" by Stefani Cox
"Watch Out, Red Crusher!" by Shel Graves
"The Call of the Wold" by Holly Schofield
"Camping With City Boy" by Jerri Jerreat
"A Field of Sapphires and Sunshine" by Jaymee Goh
"Midsummer Night's Heist" by Commando Jugendstil and Tales from the EV Studio
"The Heavenly Dreams of Mechanical Trees" by Wendy Nikel
"New Siberia" by Blake Jessop
"Grover: Case #C09 920, 'The Most Dangerous Blend'" by Edward Edmonds
"Amber Waves" by Sam S. Kepfield
"Grow, Give, Repeat" by Gregory Scheckler
"Cable Town Delivery" by M. Lopes da Silva
"Women of White Water" by Helen Kenwright
"Under the Northern Lights" by Charlotte M. Ray

The Cackle of Cthulhu, edited by Alex Shvarstman

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The Cackle of Cthulhu



Edited by


Alex Shvartsman




(Baen, January 2018, tpb, 265 pp.)



The Shunned Trailer” by Esther Friesner (reprint)
The Captain in Yellow” by David Vaughan
My Little Old One” by Jody Lyn Nye
Tales of a Fourth Grade Shoggoth” by Kevin Wetmore (reprint)
Friday Night at Brazee’s” by Mike Resnick
To Whatever” by Shaenon K. Garrity (reprint)
The Doom that came to Providence” by Brian Trent
Explaining Cthulhu to Grandma” by Alex Shvartsman (reprint)
The Call of the Pancake Factory” by Ken Liu (reprint)
The Innsmouth of the South” by Rachael K. Jones (reprint)
WWRD” by Yvonne Navarro
In the Employee Manual of Madness” by G. Scott Huggins
Shoggoth’s Old Peculiar” by Neil Gaiman (reprint)
H. P. and Me” by Gini Koch
The Greatest Leader” by Aidan Doyle
But Someone’s Got To Do It” by Konstantine Paradias (reprint)
The Call of Uncopyrighted Intellectual Property” by Amanda Helms
Cthulhu, P.I.” by Laura Resnick
A Stiff Bargain” by Matt Mikalatos (reprint)
The Shadow Over My Dorm Room” by Laura Pearlman
The Tingling Madness” by Lucy A. Snyder
The Girl Who Loved Cthulhu” by Nick Mamatas

[Editor’s note: Reprints are not reviewed.]


Writers of the Future #34, edited by David Farland

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Writers of the Future #34


Edited by

David Farland


(Galaxy Press, April 10, 2018, pb, 468 pp.)


"Turnabout" by Erik Bundy

"A Smokeless and Scorching Fire" by Erin Cairns

"The Howler on the Sales Floor" by Jonathan Ficke

"The Minarets of An-Zabat" by Jeremy TeGrotenhuis

"Odd and Ugly" by Vida Cruz

"Mara's Shadow" by Darci Stone

"What Lies Beneath" by Cole Hehr

"The Face in the Box" by Janey Bell

"Flee, My Pretty One" by Eneasz Brodski

"Illusion" by Jody Lynn Nye

"A Bitter Thing" by N. R. M. Roshak

"Miss Smokey" by Diana Hart

"All Light and Darkness" by Amy Henrie Gillett


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