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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993

Fiction River: Superpowers, edited by Rebecca Moesta

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Fiction River: Superpowers



Edited by

Rebecca Moesta



(WGM Publishing, November 30, 2017, pb, 288 pp.)


Villainous Aspirations” by Stefon Mears
A Kiss Too Sweet” by Eric Kent Edstrom
The Clunkety” by Brenda Carre
Power Trip” by Lee Allred
Pocket Full of Ashes” by Anthea Sharp
The Ordinary” by Valerie Brook
Dawn” by Jody Lynn Nye & Rebecca Moesta
Fatty Boombalatty” by Kerrie L. Hughes
Passion for the Game” Brigid Collins
Just Stop It!” David H. Hendrickson
Normal Boy” by Rebecca M. Senese
Sophie Rosenblatt, Hero at Large” by Annie Reed
Flowers in Winter” by Kelly Washington
Hidden Talents” by Dayle A. Dermatis
A Ballad of Osmosis McGuire” by Travis Heermann

Mrs. Claus: Not the Fairy Tale They Say, ed. Rhonda Parrish

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Mrs. Claus: Not the Fairy Tale They Say



edited by

Rhonda Parrish



(World Weaver Press, October 20, 2017, tpb, 215 pp.)


"Wight Christmas" by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
"The Asylum Musicale" by C.B. Calsing
"Desperately Seeking Santa" by DJ Tyrer
"Christmas Magic" by Jennifer Lee Rossman
"Good Morning" by Kristen Lee
"Moves Like Jagger" by Randi Perrin
"Miss 'Lil Toe Head" by Michael Leonberger
"Unexpected Guests" by Andrew Wilson
"The True Story of Christina and Kristopher Kringle" by Ross Van Dusen
"Shouldering the Burden" by MLD Curelas
"You'd Better Watch Out" by Maren Matthias
"Captain Lizzy and the Stranger in the Fog" by Anne Luebke
"Agatha Sings to the Scorpions" by Jeff Kuykendall
"Red to Hide the Blood" by Hayley Stone

Tales from the Lake #4: The Horror Anthology, ed. by Ben Eads

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Tales from the Lake Volume 4:

The Horror Anthology



Edited by Ben Eads



(Crystal Lake Publishing, October 7, 2017, pb, 372 pp.)

"When the Dead Come Home" by Jennifer Loring
"The Folding Man" by Joe R. Lansdale (reprint, not reviewed)
"Go Warily After Dark" by Kealan Patrick Burke
"To the Hills" by T. E. Grau
"Everything Hurts, Until it Doesn't" by Damien Angelica Walters
"Drowning in Sorrow" by Sheldon Higdon
"Whenever You Exhale, I Inhale" by Max Booth III
"The Withering" by Bruce Golden
"Grave Secrets" by JG Faherty
"End of the Hall" by Hunter Liguore
"Snowmen" by David Dunwoody
"Pieces of Me" by T. G. Arsenault
"Neighborhood Watchers" by Maria Alexander
"The Story of Jessie and Me" by Timothy Johnson
"I will be the Reflection Until the End" by Michael Bailey
"The Honeymoon's Over" by E. E. King
"Song in a Sundress" by Darren Speegle
"Weighing In" by Cynthia Ward
"Reliving the Past" by Michael Haynes
"The Long Haul" by Leigh M. Lane
"Dust Devils" by Mark Cassell
"Liminality" by Del Howison (reprint, not reviewed)
"The Gardener" by Gene O'Neill
"Condo by the Lake" by Jeff Cercone

Weirdbook Annual #1: Witches, edited by Douglas Draa

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Weirdbook Annual #1: Witches


Edited by

Douglas Draa


(Wildside Press, October 2017, tpb, 243 pp.)


Thou Shalt Not Suffer” by Matt Neil Hill
No Holds Bard” by Adrian Cole
Laying the Hairy Book” by Josh Reynolds
Here is Where Your Proud Waves Halt” by Erica Ruppert
Vicious Circles” by Paul Dale Anderson
Assorted Shades of Red” by Franklyn Searight
Strange Days in Old Yandrissa” by John R. Fultz
Fertility Rites” by Glynn Owen Barrass
The Witch’s Heart” by Rachel Bolton
Hag Race” by Andre E. Harewood
Best Friend Becky” by Wayne Faust
The Rat in the Rabbit Cage” by Ashley Dioses
Two Spells” by Neva Bryan
Pulled Over” by Paul Spears
The Witch of Skur” by L.F. Falconer
Cat and Mouse” by Duane Pesice
Last of the Ashiptu” by Paul Lubaczewski
Firestorm” by Richard H. Durisen
The Witch of Pender” by John Linwood Grant
The Nora Witch” by Brandon Jimison
The Broken Witch” by Scott Hutchison

A Fistful of Credits: Stories from the Four Horseman Universe, ed. Chris Kennedy & Mark Wandrey

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A Fistful of Credits:

Stories from the Four Horseman Universe


Edited by

Chris Kennedy and Mark Wandrey


(Seventh Seal Press, June 2017, 497pp., pb)

The Last Alpha” by Mark Wandrey
Breach Of Contract” by Terry Mixon
Paint The Sky” by Jason Cordova
Surf And Turf” by Jon R. Osborne
Stand On It” by Kevin Ikenberry
Lost And Found” by Jon Arroz
Gilded Cage” by Kacey Ezell
Legends” by Christopher Woods
With The Eagles” by Doug Dandridge
Dead Or Alive” by PP Corcoran
Hide And Seek” by Christopher Nuttall
Information Overload” by Charity Ayres
Enough” by Chris Kennedy
CASPer’s Ghost” by Brad R. Torgersen

Strange Beasties, edited by Juliana Rew

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Strange Beasties



Edited by

Juliana Rew



(Third Flatiron Publishing, Fall 2017, pb, 186 pp.)


"In the Days of Mister Cuddles" by Bruce Arthurs
"Valediction" by John Sunseri
"The Wraith's Child" by Philip John Schweitzer
"Besta Branco" by Tim Jeffreys
"How Not to Eat People" by Sarah Tchernev
"To Riddle the Lake" by Lucy Harlow
"The Black Horse" by Philip Brian Hall
"Glass" by Jean Graham
"Creatures" by Marc E. Fitch
"Thirsty Creatures" by Christa Carmen
"Harry on the Farm" by Isobel Horsburgh
"Sailors' Hearts Taste Better" by Paulo Da Silva
"The Passenger" by Jeff Hewitt
"Beast of the Month" by Wulf Moon
"The Spark That Starts the Flame" by Daniel Rosen
"Niagwahe" by Brenton Clark
"Looking for Lusca" by John J. Kennedy
"Project Sargasso Findings on Global Nightmare Epidemic" by Brian Trent

Fiction River #25: Feel the Fear, ed. by Mark Leslie

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Fiction River #25: Feel the Fear



Edited by

Mark Leslie



(WMG Publishing, September 29, 2017, pb, 288 pp.)


"Murmuration of a Darkening Sea" by Lee Allred
"Swimming on the Grass" by David Stier
"Get Inside" by Dayle A. Dermatis
"The Dark Queen" by J. F. Penn
"Fear in Black and White" by Dory Crowe
"A Fall of Life and Death" by Michael Kowal
"High Places" by Laura Ware
"Legs" by Steven Mohan, Jr.
"Power Outage" by Bonnie Elizabeth
"The Taste of Red" by T. Thorn Coyle
"The Playground of Lost Children" by Erik Lynd
"Tin Can Man" by Annie Reed
"Piggyback" by Robert T. Jeschonek
"The Well" by Lauryn Christopher
"Mechanical Advantage" by Eric Kent Edstrom
"The Visit" by Anthea Lawson

The Monster Hunter Files, ed. by Larry Correia & Bryan Thomas Schmidt

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The Monster Hunter Files



Edited by


Larry Correia & Bryan Thomas Schmidt



(Baen, October 2017, hc, 336 pp.)


Thistle” by Larry Correia
Small Problems” by Jim Butcher
Darkness Under the Mountain” by Mike Kupari
A Knight of the Enchanted Forest” by Jessica Day George
The Manticore Sanction” by John C. Wright
The Dead Yard” by Maurice Broaddus
The Bride” by Brad R. Torgersen
She Bitch, Killer of Kits” (a Skinwalker Crossover Tale) by Faith Hunter
Mr. Natural” by Jody Lynn Nye
Sons of the Father” by Quincy J. Allen
The Troll Factory” by Alex Shvartsman
Keep Kaiju Weird” by Kim May
The Gift” by Steve Diamond
The Case of the Ghastly Specter” by John Ringo
Huffman Strikes Back” by Bryan Thomas Schmidt & Julie Frost
Hunter Born” by Sarah A. Hoyt
Hitler’s Dog” by Jonathan Maberry

Where the Stars Rise: Asian SF & Fantasy, ed. Lucas K. Law & Derwin Mak

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Where the Stars Rise:

Asian Science Fiction & Fantasy



Edited by

Lucas K. Law & Derwin Mak



(Laksa Anthology Series, October 2017, hc & pb, 346 pp.)


Spirit of Wine” by Tony Pi
The dataSultan of Streets and Stars” by Jeremy Szal
Weaving Silk” by Amanda Sun
Vanilla Rice” by Angela Yuriko Smith
Looking Up” by S. B. Divya
A Star is Born” by Miki Dare
My Left Hand” by Ruhan Zhao
DNR” by Gabriela Lee
A Visitation for the Spirit Festival” by Diana Xin
Rose’s Arm” by Calvin D. Jim
Back to Myan” by Regina Kanyu Wang
Meridian” by Karin Lowachee
Joseon Fringe” by Pamela Q. Fernandes
Wintry Hearts of Those Who Rise” by Minsoo Kang (non-genre, not reviewed)
Udatta Sloka” by Deepak Bharathan
Crash” by Melissa Yuan-Innes
Memoriam” by Priya Sridar
The Observer Effect” by E. C. Myers
Decision” by Joyce Chng
Moon Halves” by Anne Carly Abad
The Bridge of Dangerous Longings” by Rati Mehrotra
Old Souls” by Fonda Lee
The orphans of Nilaveli” by Naru Dames Sundar

Unidentified Funny Objects #6, ed. by Alex Shvartsman

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Unidentified Funny Objects #6




Edited by

Alex Shvartsman



(UFO Publishing, October 2017, pb, 383 pp.)



"A Game of Goblins" by Jim C. Hines
"The Breakdown of the Parasite/Host Relationship" by Paul R. Hardy
"From This She Makes a Living?" by Esther Friesner
"Twenty-nine Responses to Inquiries about My Craigslist Post: Alien Spaceship for Sale. $200, You Haul" by Tina Connolly
"Tyler the Snot Elemental Scours the Newspaper, Searching for Change" by Zach Shephard
"Agent of Chaos" by Jack Campbell
"Display of Affection" by P. J. Sambeaux
"The Great Manhattan Eat-Off" by Mike Resnick
"An Evil Opportunity Employer" by Lawrence Watt-Evans
"Common Scents" by Jody Lynn Nye
"A Mountain Man and a Cat Walk into a Bar" by Alan Dean Foster
"Lost and Found" by Laura Resnick
"A Crawlspace Full of Prizes" by Bill Ferris
"Return to Sender" by Melissa Mead
"The Friendly Necromancer" by Rod M. Santos
"An Open Letter to the Sentient AI who has Announced its Intention to Take Over the Earth" by Ken Liu
"Approved Expense" by David Vierling
"Alexander Outland: Space Jockey" by Gini Koch writing as G.J. Koch
"Dear Joyce" by Langley Hyde
"Impress me, then We’ll Talk about the Money" by Tatiana Ivanova / translated by Alex Shvartsman

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