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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993

Fantastic Companions edited by Julie E. Czerneda

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"House of Cats" by Catharine Dybiec Holm
"Mountain Challenge" by John Mierau
"Just Hanah" by Doranna Durgin
Image"The Day Michael Visited Happy Lake" by Matt Walker
"Eggs for Dinner" by Jay Lake
"Dances with Coyotes" by John C. Bunnell
"Riverkin" by K. D. Wentworth
"Wings to Fly" by Fran LaPlaca
"Last of her Kind" by Janny Wurts
"Blood Ties" by Sarah Jane Elliott
"Dragon Time" by Ruth Nestvold
"Robes and Wands" by Janet Elizabeth Chase
"Uncle Ernie was a Goat" by Kent Pollard
"A Sirius Situation" by Daniel Archambault
"Once Upon a Toad" by Wen Spencer
"The Power of Eight" by Jane Carol Petrovich
"Darkbeast" by Mindy L. Klasky
"Kitemaster" by Jim C. Hines
"Singing Down the Sun" by Devon Monk

Nova Scotia, edited by Neil Williamson and Andrew J. Wilson

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"The Cost of Pearls" by Edwin Morgan
"A Case of Consilience" by Ken MacLeod
"Deus ex Homine" by Hannu Rajaniemi
"Not Wisely But Too Well" by A.J. McIntosh
Image "Third-Degree Burns" by Andrew J. Wilson
"Lest We Forget" by Marion Arnott
"The Intrigue of the Battered Box" by Michael Cobley
"Five Fantastic Fictions" by Ron Butlin
"Running on at Adventures" by Angus McAllister
"A Knot of Toads" by Jane Yolen
"Sophie and the Sacred Fluid" by Andrew C. Ferguson
"Vanilla for the Lady" by Deborah J. Miller
"Pisces Ya Bas" by Gavin Inglis
"The Vulture, 4 - 17 March" by Harvey Welles and Phiilip Raines
"The Bogle's Bargain" by Stefan Pearson
"Criggie" by Marrhew Fitt
"Snowball's Chance" by Charles Stross
"Total Mental Quality, by the Way" by William Meikle
"The Bennie and the Bonobo" by Neil Williamson
"The Hard Stuff" by John Grant
"Dusk" by Jack Deighton

The Minotaur in Pamplona, Books I & II, edited by Neil Ayres

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ImageBook I
"Monemvasia" by Brian Aldiss
"Dancing the Labyrinth" by Liza Granville
"By the time I get to Egypt" by Andrew Hook
"The Minotaur in Pamplona" by Rhys Hughes

Book II
"The Fire Sermon" by Lavie Tidhar
"Ascent is not Allowed" by Catherynne M. Valente
"Circe's Choice" by Steve Redwood
"The Mermaid's Song" by Kara Kellar Bell

Lords of Swords

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"Vali's Wound" by John C. Hocking
Image"Something Dwells 'Neath Hannah Town" by D.K. Latta
"The King's General" by David L. Felts
"Line of Blood" by Howard Andrew Jones
"Champion" by Barbara Tarbox
"That of the Pit" by E.E. Knight
"Dragon's Eye" by Beth Shope
"Viro and the Iron-Circlet" by Jonah Lissner
"The Slaying of Winter" by Vera Nazarian
"Iron Hands" by Ray Kane
"The Oaths of Gods" by Nancy Virginia Varian
"Blood Drop" by Joseph A. McCullough V
"The Woman in Scarlet" by Tanith Lee


Spirit House: A collection of short fiction to benefit victims of the 2004 tsunami disaster

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"Hurricane Sandrine" by Daniel Braum
"Free The Sky" by Wendy S. Delmater
"Freeing Teresa" by J.D. Paradise
"Forever and Ever, Amen" by William Freedman
"It's the End of the World and It's Your Fault" by Eric Joel Bresin
"Day After" by Amy Lau

Sky Songs II: Spiritual SF

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"The Butterfly Collection" by Fred McGavran
"Call Up the Dawn" by Andrew M. Seddon
"The Red Bird" by Douglas Smith
"Freerider" by Steve Stanton
"Commedia Dell'Arte" by Arthur Powers
"Nineteen: One" by Megan James
"The Unicorn Cup" by Cherith Baldry
"Off the Hook" by Michael Vance
"An Excorcise" by Shari Tiedens
"A Time for Everything" by Peter Andrew Smith
"Roach" by Neil Ellis Orts
"Symbols and Keys" by Virginia Smith
"The Jesus Chip" by Greg Beatty
"Angel's Promise" by Nina Munteanu
"The Bone Road" by Ernesto Burden
"Jubilee" by Steven Mills
"TreeDance" by Donna Farley

Imagination Fully Dilated: Science Fiction The Literated World of Alan M. Clark

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"The Sweet Not-Yet" by Melissa Scott
Image "Threesome" by Leslie What
"Area Seven" by Robert Onopa
"The Dream of Vibo" by Patrick O'Leary
"The Artist Makes a Splash" by Jerry Oltion
"Fired" by Ray Vukcevich
"Nohow Permanent" by Nancy Jane Moore
"By Any Other Name" by Steve Beai
"Stately's Pleasure Dome" by Syne Mitchell
"Between the Lines" by Arinn Dembo
"Dilated" by Robert E. Furey
"Let My Right Hand Forget Her Cunning" by Tom Piccirilli
"Cleave" by Therese Pieczynski and A. Alicia Doty
"Out of the Fire" by Elisabeth DeVos
"Legacy" by David Levine
"Lashawnda at the End" by James Van Pelt

Irresistible Forces edited by Catherine Asaro

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“Winterfair Gifts” by Lois McMaster Bujold
“The Alchemical Marriage” by Mary Jo Putney
“Stained Glass Heart” by Catherine Asaro
“Skin Deep” by Deb Stover
“The Trouble with Heroes” by Jo Beverley
“Shadows in the Wood” by Jennifer Roberson

All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories, Edited by David Moles and Jay Lake

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"Voice of the Hurricane" by Paul Berger
"The Last of the Zeppelins" by Jed Hartman
"The Eckener Alternative" by James L. Cambias
"Instead of a Loving Heart" by Jeremiah Tolbert
"This is the Highest Step in the World" by Carrie Vaughn
"The Sky's the Limit" by Lawrence M. Schoen
"A Perilous Warm Embrace" by Michael Manis
"Sky Light" by David Brin
"Negation Elimination" by Robert Burke Richardson
"Why a Duck" by Leslie What
"Matriarch" by Forrest Aguirre
"Aerophilia" by Tobias S. Bucknell
"The Jewels of Lemuria" by Richard A. Lupoff
"Counting Zeppelins" by Eric Marin
"Love in the Balance" by David A. Levine
"Where and When" by James Van Pelt
"Seven Dragons Mountains" by Elizabeth Bear
"Silk" by Lee Battersby
"Biographical Notes to 'A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-Planes' by Benjamin Rosenbaum" by Benjamin Rosenbaum
"You Could Go Home Again" by Howard Waldrop

Clash of Steel: Reluctant Hero, Armand Rosamilia, ed.

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"A Duel of Fathers and Sons" by Patrick Weekes
"An End To Tyranny" by Robert J. Santa
"Hero Home" by Shauna Roberts
"The Brotherhood's Redemption" by Erin MacKay
"Nightshadows" by Steve Losee


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