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Evil is a Matter of Perspective, ed. Adrian Collins

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Evil is a Matter of Perspective


edited by

Adrian Collins & Mike Myers


(Grimdark Magazine, June 2017, pb, 520 pp.)


The Broken Dead” by Michael R. Fletcher
Every Hair Casts a Shadow” by Teresa Frochock
The Divine Death of Jirella Martigore” by Alex Marshall
A Royal Gift” by Mark Adler
Old Blood” by Adrian Tchaikovsky
Black Bargain” by Janny Wurts
The Syldoon Sun” by Jeff Salyards
The Darkness Within the Light” by Shawn Speakman
The Greater of Two Evils” by Marc Turner
Exceeding Bitter” by Kaaron Warren
A Game of Mages” by Courtney Schafer
The Tattered Prince and the Demon Veiled” by Bradley P. Beaulieu
A Storm Unbound” by E.V. Morrigan
The Game” by Mathew Ward
Blood Penny” by Deborah A. Wolf
Better than Breath” by Brian Staveley
Foundation of Bones” by Mazarkis Williams
The Aging of a Kill” by Peter Orullian
The Carathayan” by R. Scott Bakker

Fiction River #22: No Humans Allowed, edited by John Helfers

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Fiction River #22: No Humans Allowed





Edited by John Helfers





(WMG Publishing, April 2017, pb, 281 pp.)

In the Beginnings” by Annie Reed
At His Heels a Stone” by Lee Allred
In the Empire of Underpants” by Robert T. Jeschonek
The Sound of Salvation” by Leslie Claire Walker
Goblin in Love” by Anthea Sharp
Slime and Crime” by Michèle Laframboise
Always Listening” by Louisa Swann
Here I Will Dance” by Stefon Mears
Rats at Sea” by Brenda Carre
Sense and Sentientability” by Lisa Silverthorne
When a Good Fox Goes to War” by Kim May
The Game of Time” by Felicia Fredlund
The Scent of Murder” by Angela Penrose
Still-Waking Sleep” by Dayle A. Dermatis
Inhabiting Sweetie” by Dale Hartley Emery
The Legend of Anlahn” by Eric Kent Edstrom
Sheath Hopes” by Thea Hutcheson
We, the Ocean” by Alexandra Brandt

Equus, edited by Rhonda Parrish

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Rhonda Parrish


(World Weaver Press, July 18, 2017, pb, 319 pp.)


Stars, Wings, and Knitting Things” by J. G. Formato
Eel and Bloom” by Diana Hurlburt
A Complete Mare” by Tamsin Showbrook
Neither Snow, nor Rain, nor Heat-Ray” by M. L. D. Curelas
Rue the Day” by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Riders in the Sky” by V. F. LeSann
Above the Silver Sky” by Dan Koboldt
A Mother Unicorn’s Advice to Her Daughter” by J. J. Roth
Ladies Day” by Susan MacGregor
The Boys from Witless Bay” by Pat Flewwelling
The Horse Witch” by Angela Rega
Eli the Hideous Horse Boy” by Michael Leonberger
Different” by Sandra Wickham
To Ride a Steel Horse” by Stephanie A. Cain
The Last Ride of Hettie Richter” by Cat McDonald
We Us You” by Andrew Bourelle
Scatter the Foals to the Wind” by Chadwick Ginther
Lightless” by K. T. Ivanrest

Writers of the Future 33, ed. David Farland

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Writers of the Future #33



edited by David Farland



(Galaxy Press, April 2017, pb, 400 pp.)


Moonlight One” by Stephen Lawson

The Armor Embrace” by Doug C. Souza
Envoy in the Ice” by Dustin Steinacker
Tears for Shulna” by Andrew L. Roberts
The Drake Equation” by C. L. Kagmi
Acquisition” by Jake Marley
Obsidian Spire” by Molly Elizabeth Atkins
A Glowing Heart” by Anton Rose
The Long Dizzy Down” by Ziporah Hildebrandt
The Woodcutters’ Deity” by Walter Dinjos
The Dragon Killer’s Daughter” by Todd McCaffrey
Useless Magic” by Andrew Peery
Adramelech” by Sean Hazlett
The Fox, the Wolf, and the Dove” by Ville Merilainen
The Magnificent Bhajan” by David VonAllmen

Principia Ponderosa, edited by Juliana Rew

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Principia Ponderosa


Edited by Juliana Rew


(Third Flatiron Publishing, Spring 2017, pb, 188 pp.)


Blazing Beamard” by Stanley Webb
Lampblack and Dust” by J. L. Forrest
The Quiet Crime” by Jordan Ashley Moore
The Monster Hunter” by Angus McIntyre
The Groks of Kruk County” by Columbkill Noonan
Mourning Dove” by Jackson Kuhl
Willing” by Premee Mohamed
The Great Man’s Iron Horse” by Mark Mellon
The Hunt” by Salinda Tyson
La Loca” by Robert Walton
The Gleaming” by John J. Kennedy
Closing the Frontier” by Philip DiBoise
No County for Young Men” by Martin Clark
The Wind Father” by Geoff Gander
Etiquette for the Space Traveller: Dealing with the Ship’s Cat” by Lisa Timpf
Gardening in a Post-Apocalyptic World” by Sheryl Normandeau
The JPEG of Dorian Gray” by Brian Trent

[Editor’s note: I have asked for this review to be split between two reviewers. Laura Gobourn reviews the first half of the anthology while Jennifer Burroughs takes a look at the remaining stories.]


Freedom's Light, ed. by Lindsay Galloway, Kia Heavey, & Matthew Souders

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Freedom's Light: Short Stories


Edited by

Lindsay Galloway

Kia Heavey

Matthew Souders


(Victory Fiction, Jan 2017, pb, 276pp.)


The Tenth Righteous Man” by Nitay Arbel
Martian Sunrise” by Matthew Souders
Backwater” by Lori Janeski
The Birthday Party” by Daniella Bova
The City” by A.G. Wallace
The Nomod” by Henry Vogel
Sara” by Chris Donahue
Room to Breathe” by Marina Fontaine
Victory Garden” by Tom Rogneby
The Unsent Letter” by Brad R. Torgersen
Credo Man” by Carol Kean
The Fighting Beagles” by Nick Cole
Shirt Story” by Arlan Andrews
Polk’s Prophetic Property” by W. J. Hayes

Five to the Future, edited by M. Christian

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Five to the Future:

A Science Fiction Anthology


Edited by M. Christian


(Strange Particle Press, February 2017, pb, 170 pp.)


Uno!...Dos! One-Two! Tres! Cuatro!” by Ernest Hogan
Queen of the Cats” by Emily Devenport
Follow Your Dream” by Cynthia Ward
Dreamweaver” by Arthur Byron Cover
Written on Ribs” by M. Christian

Superheroes: The Crossover Alliance Anthology, ed. by David N. Alderman

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The Crossover Alliance




Edited by


David N. Alderman


(The Crossover Alliance, March 2017, pb, 234 pp.)

The Bald Man” by Timothy G. Huguenin
The Last Call” by Kristin L. Norman
sinEater” by D. A. Williams
Hierro” by Jen Finelli
Living Proof” by Michelle Levigne
Airfoil: Hotspots” by Steve Rzasa
Someone is Aiming for You” JD Cowan
Without Blemish: A Philosophy of Preaching” by Nathan James Norman
The Trojan Initiative” by Clayton Webb
Fly Like a Bird” by Rosemary E. Johnson
Chronostream’s Father” by Adam David Collings

Fiction River #21: Tavern Tales, edited by Kerrie L. Hughes

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Fiction River #21: Tavern Tales



Edited by Kerrie L. Hughes



(WMG publishing, January 30, 2017, pb, 292 pp.)


Quest for Beer” by Stefan Mears
Closing the Big Bang” by Michèle Laframbois
Hero #8” By Ron Collins
Girls That Glitter” by Dayle A. Dermatis
The Kids Keep Coming” by David H. Hendrickson
One Last Round at Cozy’s Tavern” by Lisa Silverthorne
Wider Horizons” by Diana Benedict
Grounds for Dismissal” by Anthea Sharp
The Next Dance” by Jamie Ferguson
Schrodinger’s Bar” by Kim May
The Gods are Out Inn” by M. L. Buchman
The First Ingredient” by Eric Kent Edstrom
The Legend of Long-Bow and Short Staff” by Brenda Carre
Killing Spree” by Brigid Collins
The Hot Eagle Roadhouse” by Chuck Heintzelman
Death at the Pines” by Annie Reed

Little Green Men--Attack!, ed. Robin Wayne Bailey & Bryan Thomas Schmidt

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Little Green Men—Attack!


Edited by


Robin Wayne Bailey & Bryan Thomas Schmidt



(Baen, March 2017, tpb, 292 pp.)




The Little Green Men Take Their Hideous Vengeance, Sort Of” by Mike Resnick
Little (Green) Women” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
Good Neighbor Policy” by Dantzel Cherry
Stuck in Buenos Aires With Bob Dylan On My Mind” by Ken Scholes
Rule the World” by Jody Lynn Nye
School Colors” by Seanan McGuire
Meet the Landlord” by Martin L. Shoemaker
Big White Men—Attack!” by Steven H Silver
The Green, Green Men of Home” by Selina Rosen
A Fine Night for Tea and Bludgeoning” by Beth L. Cato
The Game-a-holic's Guide to Life, Love, and Ruling the World” by Peter J. Wacks & Josh Vogt
Day of the Bookworm” by Allen M. Steele
A Greener Future” by Elizabeth Moon
A Cuppa, Cuppa Burnin' Love” by Esther M. Friesner
Little Green Guys” by K. C. Ball
The March of the Little Green Men” by James E. Gunn
First Million Contacts” by Bryan Thomas Schmidt & Alex Shvartsman
Hannibal's Elephants” by Robert Silverberg (1988 reprint from Omni)
“The Fine Art of Politics” by Robin Wayne Bailey

[Editor’s note: I have asked for this review to be split between two reviewers. Michelle Ristuccia reviews the first half of the anthology while Jason McGregor takes a look at the remaining stories.]


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