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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993

Unidentified Funny Objects 4, ed. Alex Shvartsman

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Unidentified Funny Objects 4


edited by

Alex Shvartsman


(UFO Publishing, October 2015)


The Time-Traveling Ghost Machine of Professor Jaime Pelligrosa” by Andrew Kaye
Please Approve the Dissertation Research of Angtor” by Caroline M. Yoachim
Match Game” by Esther Friesner
The Transformation of Prince Humphrey” by Brent C. Smith
In the End, You Get Clarity” by Laura Pearlman
Project Disaster” by Tim Pratt
Hello Hotel” by Piers Anthony
Bob’s No-Kill Monster Shelter” by Ian Creasey
Board Meeting Minutes” by Oliver Buckram
Armed for You” by Anaea Lay
The Unfortunate Problem of Grandmother’s Head” by Karen Haber
My Mother Loves Her Robot More Than Me and I Feel Bad” by Eric Kaplan
The Worm that Turned” by Jody Lynn Nye
Department of Death Predictions, Final Notice” by Tina Gower
Champions of Breakfast” by Zach Shepard
Keeping Ahead” by Mike Resnick
So You’ve Metamorphosed Into a Giant Insect. Now What?” by James Aquilone
Confessions of an Interplanetary Fraud” by Michael J. Martinez
Texts from my Mother About the Alien Invasion” by Tina Connolly
Support Your Local Alien” by Gini Koch
Conversation Topics to Avoid on a First Date With Yourself” by Jonathan Ems

Triangulation: Lost Voices, edited by Jamie Lackey

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Triangulation: Lost Voices

The 2015 Edition of Parsec Ink’s

Annual Confluence of Speculative Fiction anthology

(July 2015, tpb, 160 pp.)

Edited by Jamie Lackey

Loss of a Second” by B.C. Matthews
Passing Through” by Alexandra Grunberg
A School Report on My Great-Grandad, a Retired Superhero” by Karl El-Koura
The First and Second Offerings” by H.L. Fullerton
The Bear-Woman of the North” by Rebecca Harwell
Sea Queen, Sailor Queen” by Melissa Mead
Wandering Swallows” by Jennifer Crow
Moving Metal” by Joann Oh
Not All Their Own” by Erin Cole
Pacific Standard” by Anita Dolman
The Dragoon of the Order of Montesa, or the Proper Assessment of History” by Sue Burke
By Way of Answer” by Sean Jones
The Frykstadbanan” by Michael Nayak
Matryoshka” by J.J. Roth
Empty Reception” by Vincent Baverso
The Ghost of Arriscado Basin” by Jon Michael Kelley
Nature Could Not With His Art Compare” by Leigh Harlen
Aurora Borealis” by John Walters
Opportune” by Paul Abbamondi
Love at the End of the World” by Frank Oreto

Far Orbit Apogee, edited by Bascomb James

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Far Orbit Apogee

edited by Bascomb James

(World Weaver Press, October 2015, 325 pages)


"To Defend and Keep from Harm" by Anna Salonen
"This Story Will Win a Hugo" by James Van Pelt (reprint; not reviewed)
"Contamination" by Jay Werkheiser (reprint; not reviewed)
"A Most Exceptional Scholarship" by Nestor M. Delfino
"Masks" by Jennifer Campbell-Hicks
"Murder at Tranquility Base" by Dave Creek
"The Affairs of Dragons" by Julie Frost (reprint; not reviewed)
"Culture Shock" by Keven R. Pittsinger
"Lost in Transmutation" by Wendy Sparrow
"N31ghb0rs" by Eric Del Carlo
"Dainty Jane" by Dominic Dulley
"Live by the Ten, Die by the Gun" by Milo James Fowler
"By The Shores of a Martian Sea" by Sam S. Kepfield

Writers of the Future #31, edited by David Farland

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L. Ron Hubbard Presents

Writers of the Future, Volume 31

edited by David Farland

(Galaxy Press, May 2015, 480 pp.)


"Switch" by Steve Pantazis

"The God Whisperer" by Daniel J. Davis
"Stars That Make Dar k Heaven Light" by Sharon Joss
"A Revolutionary’s Guide to Practical Conjuration" by Auston Habershaw
"Twelve Minutes to Vinh Quang" by Tim Napper
"Planar Ghosts" by Krystal Claxton
"Between Screens" by Zach Chapman
"Unrefined" by Martin L. Shoemaker
"Half Past" by Samantha Murray
"Purposes Made for Alien Minds" by Scott R. Parkin
"The Graver" by Amy M. Hughes
"Wisteria Melancholy" by Michael T. Banker
"Poseidon’s Eyes" by Kary English

Scarecrow, edited by Rhonda Parrish

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edited by Rhonda Parrish


(World Weaver Press, August 2015)



Kakashi & Crow” by Megan Fennell
The Roofnight” by Amanda C. Davis
Skin Map” by Kim Goldberg
A Fist Full of Straw” by Kristina Wojtaszek
Judge & Jury” by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Waking from His Master’s Dream” by Katherine Marzinsky
The Straw Samurai” by Andrew Bud Adams
Black Birds” by Laura Blackwood
Edith and I” by Virginia Carraway Stark
Scarecrow Progressions (Rubber Duck Remix)” by Sara Puls
Truth About Crows” by Craig Pay
Two Steps Forward” by Holly Schofield
Only the Land Remembers” by Amanda Block
"If I Only Had an Autogenic Cognitive Decision Matrix” by Scott Burtness

Corvidae, edited by Rhonda Parrish

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Edited by Rhonda Parrish

(World Weaver Press, July 2015)

Whistles and Trills” by Kat Otis
The Valravn” by Megan Fennell
A Mischief of Seven” by Leslie Van Zwol
Visiting Hours” by Michael S. Pack
The Rookery of Sainte-Mère-Église” by Tim Deal
The Cruelest Team Will Win” by Mike Allen
Raven No More” by Adria Laycraft
The Tell-Tale Heart of Existence” by Michael M. Rader
Sanctuary by Laura VanArendonk Baugh
Knife Collection, Blood Museum, Birds (Scarecrow Remix)” by Sara Puls
Flying the Coop” by M.L.D. Curelas
Bazyli Conjures a Blackbird” by Mark Rapacz
Seven for a Secret” by Megan Engelhardt
Flight” by Angela Slatter

Press Start to Play, ed. John Joseph Adams & Daniel H. Wilson

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Press Start to Play: An Anthology

edited by John Joseph Adams & Daniel H. Wilson

(Vintage paperback, August 18, 2015)


God Mode” by Daniel H. Wilson
NPC” by Charles Yu
“Respawn” by Hiroshi Sakurazaka (translated by Nathan Collins)

Desert Walk” by S.R. Mastrantone

Rat Catcher’s Yellows” by Charlie Jane Anders

1Up” by Holly Black

“Survival Horror” by Seanan McGuire

REAL” by Django Wexler

“Outliers” by Nicole Feldringer

“<end game>” by Chris Avellone

Roguelike” by Marc Laidlaw

“All of the People in Your Party Have Died” by Robin Wasserman

RECOIL!” by Micky Neilson

“Stats” by Marguerite K. Bennett

“Please Continue” by Chris Kluwe

Creation Screen” by Rhianna Pratchett

The Fresh Prince of Gamma World” by Austin Grossman

“Gamer’s End” by Yoon Ha Lee

Twarrior” by Andy Weir
Select Character” by Hugh Howey

Only Disconnect, edited by Juliana Rew

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Only Disconnect

edited by Juliana Rew

(Third Flatiron Publishing, pb, Summer 2015)

“Seventh Sense” by Evan Henry
“Super Bugs” by Robert Lowell Russell
“Aqua Equal” by Jonathan Shipley
“Carnival of Colours” by Evelyn Deshane
“The Eyes in the Water” by Matt Weinburg
“Life After Download” by Wendy Nikel
“Just Visulate” by E. E. King
“Email Recovered from Genetech Debris, Lieutenant Jeffrey Abramowitz Investigating” by Elliotte Rusty Harold
“Killing the Tree Spirit” by Adria Laycraft
“A House of Mirrors” by Stephanie Flood
“She Dies” by Jason Lairamore
“Jacked” by Steve Coate
“Into the Light” by Paul Barclay

Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep, ed. by Peter Oberg

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Waiting for the Machines to Fall Asleep

edited by Peter Oberg

(Affront Publishers, May 2015)

"Melody of the Yellow Bard" by Hans Olsson
"The Rats" by Boel Bermann
"Getting to the End" by Erik Odeldahl
"Vegatropolis – City of the Beautiful" by Ingrid Remvall
"Jump to the Left, Jump to the Right" by Love Kölle
"To Preserve Humankind" by Christina Nordlander
"The Thirteenth Tower" by Pia Lindestrand
"Punch Card Horses" by Jonas Larsson (Translation by P-O Rehnberg)
"The Philosopher’s Stone" by Tora Greve
"A Sense of Foul Play" by Andrew Coulthard
"Waste of Time" by Alexandra Nero
"The Damien Factor" byJohannes Pinter
"Wishmaster" by Andrea Grave-Müller
"Quadrillennium" by AR Yngve
"Mission Accomplished" by My Bergström
"The Road" by Anders Blixt
"Lost and Found" by Maria Haskins
"The Publisher’s Reader" by Patrik Centerwall
"Stories from the Box" by Björn Engström
"The Membranes in the Centering Horn" by KG Johansson
"One Last Kiss Goodbye" by Oskar Källner
"The Mirror Talks" by Sara Kopljar
"Keep Fighting Until the Machines Fall Asleep" by Eva Holmquist
"Outpost Eleven" by Markus Sköld
"Messiah 311" by Anna Jakobsson Lund

By Tooth and Claw, edited by Bill Fawcett

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By Tooth and Claw:

Clan of the Claw Book Two

Edited by Bill Fawcett

(Baen, April 2015, 225 pages)


Bury My Heart” by Mercedes Lackey and Cody Martin
A Clan’s Foundation” by S. M. Stirling
Sanctuary” by Eric Flint
Feeding a Fever” by Jody Lynn Nye

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