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Single author collections

Win Some, Lose Some... by Mike Resnick

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Win Some, Lose Some: The Hugo Award Winning

(and Nominated) Short Science Fiction and Fantasy

of Mike Resnick

(ISFiC Press, August 2012, hc, 600 pp.)

Series editor, Steven H Silver


1989 – “Kirinyaga,” (winner) introduced by Gardner Dozois
1990 – “For I Have Touched the Sky,” Introduced by Nancy Kress
1991 – “Bully!” Introduced by Harry Turtledove
1991 – “The Manamouki,” (winner) introduced by Connie Willis
1992 – “Winter Solstice,” introduced by Laura Resnick
1992 – “One Perfect Morning, With Jackals,” introduced by Janis Ian
1993 – “The Lotus and the Spear,” introduced by Ralph Roberts
1994 – “Mwalimu in the Squared Circle,” introduced by Barry N. Malzberg
1995 – “Barnaby in Exile,” introduced by John Scalzi
1995 – “A Little Knowledge,” introduced by Nick DiChario
1995 – “Seven Views of Olduvai Gorge,” (winner) introduced by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
1996 – “When the Old Gods Die,” introduced by Michael Stackpole
1996 – “Bibi (with Susan Schwartz),” introduced by Susan Shwartz
1997 – “The Land of Nod,” introduced by Lou Anders
1998 – “The 43 Antarean Dynasties,” (winner) introduced by Michael Swanwick
2000 – “Hothouse Flowers,” introduced by Kay Kenyon
2000 – “Hunting the Snark,” introduced by David Brin
2001 – “The Elephants on Neptune,” introduced by Jack McDevitt
2002 – “Old MacDonald Had a Farm,” introduced by Eric Flint
2002 – “Redchapel,” introduced by Kevin J. Anderson
2004 – “Robots Don’t Cry,” introduced by Robert Silverberg
2005 – “A Princess of Earth,” introduced by Catherine Asaro
2005 – “Travels with My Cats,” (winner) introduced by Sheila Williams
2006 – “Down Memory Lane,” introduced by Michael A. Burstein
2007 – “All the Things You Are,” introduced by Robert J. Sawyer
2008 – “Distant Replay,” introduced by Lezli Robyn
2009 – “Article of Faith,” introduced by James Patrick Kelly
2009 – “Alastair Baffle’s Emporium of Wonders,” introduced by Bill Fawcett
2010 – “The Bride of Frankenstein,” introduced by Kij Johnson
2011 – “The Homecoming,” introduced by Brad R. Torgersen

The Pottawatomie Giant & Other Stories by Andy Duncan

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The Pottawatomie Giant and Other Stories

by Andy Duncan

(PS Publishing, February 2012)


“The Pottawatomie Giant”
“Senator Bilbo”
“The Big Rock Candy Mountain”
“Daddy Mention and the Monday Skull”
“Zora and the Zombie”
“Unique Chicken Goes in Reverse”
“A Diorama of the Infernal Regions, or The Devil's Ninth Question”
“The Dragaman's Bride”
“The Night Cache”
“Close Encounters”
“The Chief Designer”

Servant of the Jackal God: The Tales of Kamose, Archpriest of Anubis, by Keith Taylor

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"Daggers and a Serpent"
"Emissaries of Doom"
"Haunted Shadows"
"The Emerald Scarab"
"Where Are You When the Moon Shall Rise?"
"The Company of the Gods"
"The Archpriest's Potion"
"Corpse's Wrath"
"Return of Ganesh"
"The Shabti Assassin"

Nitrospective by Andrew Hook

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by Andrew Hook
(Dog Horn Publishing, 2011)
"Nitrospective " 
"Outer Spaces "
"Follow Me"
"The Onion Code"
"The Cruekus Effect"
"Bigger Than The Beetles" 
"Pansy Blade Cassandra Moko"
"Lauren Is Unreal"
"Red or White"
"Shipping Tomorrow Backwards"
"The Glass Football"
"The Strangeness In Me"
"Love Is The Drug" 
"Chasing Waterfalls"
"Caravan of Souls"
"Snap Shot"

Sex and Violence in Zero-G (expanded ed.) by Allen Steele

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by Allen Steele
(Fantastic Books, January 2012)

Judgment Day and Other Dreams by T. Jackson King

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Judgment Day and Other Dreams


T. Jackson King

Fantastic Books
(2nd edition, 2012, 240 pp.)

On Earth
“Judgment Day At John’s Bar”
“The Totem”
“Litter Control”

In Space
“Tears for Ozymandias”
“The Fire Rains”
“The Memory Seller”
“The Tides of Fear”
“False Contact”
“Lex Talionis”
“Endless Summer”
“Sumiko’s Hope”

Back On Earth
“The Fellowship of Manzanar”
“A Lesser Michaelangelo”
“The Gate of Ishtar, From Babylon, In Berlin”


A Giant in the House & Other Excesses by Daniel Pearlman

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A Giant in the House & Other Excesses

by Daniel Pearlman

(Merry Blacksmith Press, 2011)

"A Giant in the House"
"The Death Club"
"Hannibal's Victory"
"The Fetal Position"
"Lyonel Unbound"
"Two-Time Losers"
"Double Occupancy"
"With Arms Outstretched"
"Refrigerator Blindness"
"Mariah My Soul-Mate"
"Great White Hope"


Frontiers of Space, Time and Thought by Edward M. Lerner

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Frontiers of Space, Time, and Thought:

Essays and Stories on The Big Questions

by Edward M. Lerner
(FoxAcre Press, 264 pp., March 22, 2012)


“At the Watering Hole”
“Unplanned-for Flying Object”
“Blessed Are the Bleak”
“Chance of Storms”
“A Time for Heroes”
“Where Credit is Due”
“Great Minds”
“No GUTs, No Glory”
“Inside the Box”
“Small Business”
“A Matter of Perspective”


“Say, What? Ruminations about Language, Communications, and Science Fiction”
“Rock! Bye-Bye, Baby!”
“Faster than a Speeding Photon”
“Lost in Space? Follow the Money”
“Follow the Nanobrick Road”
“Beyond this point be RFIDs”

The Butterfly Man and Other Stories by Paul Kane

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The Butterfly Man and Other Stories
by Paul Kane

(PS Publishing, October 2011)

“One for the Road”
“A Chaos Demon is for Life”
“Cold Call”
“The Greatest Mystery”
“The Suicide Room”
“Nine Tenths”
“It’s All Over”
“Speaking in Tongues” 
“The Butterfly Man”
“Rag and Bone”
 “Keeper of the Light”
 “Cave of Lost Souls”


The Whisper Jar by Carole Lanham

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The Whisper Jar: A Collection of Curious Secrets

By Carole Lanham

(Morrigan Books, October 31, 2011)

“The Whisper Jar”
“The Good Part”
“Keepity Keep”
“The Blue Word”
“Maxwell Treat's Museum of Torture for Young Girls and Boys”
“Friar Garden, Mister Samuel, and the Jilly Jally Butter Mints”
“The Reading Lessons”
“The Adventures of Velvet Honeybone, Girl Werewuff”
“The Forgotten Orphan”


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