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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
Single author collections

Animythical Tales by Sarah Totton

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Animythical Tales coverAnimythical Tales by Sarah Totton

“A Fish Story”
“The Man with the Seahorse Head”
“Flatrock Sunners”

“Pelly Medley”
“Bluecoat Jack”
“A Sip from the Cup of Enlightenment”
“Choke Point”
“The Bone Fisher’s Apprentice”
“A Little Tea and Personal Magnetism”

“The Teasewater Five”


Holiday by M. Rickert

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by M. Rickert

“Memoir of a Deer Woman"
"Journey into the Kingdom"
"The Machine"
"Evidence of Love in a Case of Abandonment: One Daughter's Personal Account"
"Don't Ask"
"Was She Wicked? Was She Good?"
"You Have Never Been Here"
"War is Beautiful"
"The Christmas Witch"


The Dinosaur Diaries by Scott William Carter

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The Dinosaur Diaries

by Scott William Carter

Fantastic Books
(March 2010)

“The Dinosaur Diaries”
“Road Gamble”
”A Dark Planetarium”
“The Liberators”
“Tommy Top Hat”
“Heart of Stone”
“The Tiger in the Garden”
“Directions to Mourning’s Deep”
“Motivational Speaker”
“The Time Traveler’s Wife”
“Epic, The”
“Happy Time”
“The Grand Mal Reaper”
“The World in Primary Colors”
“Father Hagerman’s Dog”
“With Dignity”
“A Christmas in Amber”


Blasphemy by Mike Resnick

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by Mike Resnick

"Genesis: The Rejected Canon"
"Walpurgis III"
"God and Mr. Slatterman"
"The Pale Thin God"
"How I Wrote the New Testament, Ushered in the Renaissance, and Birded the 17th hole at Pebble Beach"
"The Branch"
"Interview With the Almighty"


Fantastic Texas by Lou Antonelli

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Fantastic Texas

by Lou Antonelli

“A Rocket for the Republic”
“The Witch of Waxahachie”
“The Cast Iron Dybbuk”
“Silence is Golden”
“The Rocket-Powered Cat”
“Rome, If You Want To”
“Big Girl”
“The Silver Dollar Saucer”
“Body by Fisher”
“Video Killed the Radio Star”
“Professor Malakoff’s Amazing Ethereal Telegraph”


A Handful of Pearls by Beth Bernobich

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A Handful of Pearls & other stories

by Beth Bernobich

Lethe Press
July 2010

“A Handful of Pearls”
“Watercolors in the Rain”
“Medusa at Morning”
“Jump to Zion”
“Air and Angels”


Recovering Apollo 8 -- Kristine Kathryn Rusch

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“Diving into the Wreck” (Asimov’s, 12/05)

Short Stories
“Recovering Apollo 8” (Asimov’s, 2/07)
“The Taste of Miracles” (Analog, 1-2/07)
“The Strangeness of the Day”  (Battle Magic, DAW 1998)
“Substitutions” (Places To Be, People To Kill, DAW 2007)
“G-Men” (Sideways in Crime, Solaris 2008)
“The End of the World” (Alien Crimes, SF Book Club 2007)
“June Sixteenth at Anna’s” (Asimov’s, 4/03)
“Craters” (Future Weapons of War, Baen Books 2007)


Are You There -- Jack Skillingstead

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Are You There and Other Stories by Jack Skillingstead

Golden Gryphon Press
(October 2009)

“The Avenger of Love”
“Dead Worlds”
“Life on the Preservation”
“Double Occupancy”
“The Chimera Transit”
“Bean There”
“Girl in the Empty Apartment”
“The Apprentice”
“Everyone Bleeds Through”
“Thank You, Mr. Whiskers”
“The Tree”
“Are You There”
“Here’s Your Space”
“Cat in the Rain”
“Alone With an Inconvenient Companion”
“What You Are About To See”
“Rescue Mission”
“Scrawl Daddy”
“Human Day”
“Strangers on a Bus”


Objects of Worship - Claude Lalumiere

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"The Object of Worship"

"The Ethical Treatment of Meat"

"Hochelaga and Sons"

"The Sea, at Bari"

"The Darkness at the Heart of the World "



"A Place Where Nothing Ever Happens"

"A Visit to the Optometrist"

"Roman Predator's Chimeric Odyssey"

"Destroyer of Worlds"

"This Is the Ice Age

Introduction by James Morrow

Reviewed by Steven H Silver


We Never Talk About My Brother by Peter S. Beagle

E-mail Print

Uncle Chaim and Aunt Rifke and the Angel”

We Never Talk About My Brother”

The Tale of Junko and Sayuri”

King Pelles the Sure”

The Last and Only, or, Mr. Moscowitz Becomes French”


The Stickball Witch”

By Moonlight”

The Unicorn Tapestries”


Introduction by Charles de Lint



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