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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993

Crowded Magazine #2, September 2013

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Crowded Magazine #2, September 2013


“Roll the Bones” by Alan Baxter
“After the Hourglass Empties” by Jason Michael Gruber
“The Jester’s Child” by Ruthanna Emrys
“House Cats” by Tracy Canfield
“Eastern Promise” by Stuart Horn
“An Empty Room” by Gaie Sebold
“Yes – And Also I Really Did Need to Buy Cadmium – Cadmium, I Tell You!” by Tim McDaniel
“The Baby Mimic” by Tory Hoke
“Miss Rahl” by Daniel Barnett

Crowded Magazine #1

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Crowded Magazine #1

"From Sorrow's Gate" by Ian McHugh
"Mirrorball" by Jason Helmandollar
"Athlete's Foot" by Bill Ferris
"The Wild Hunt Below the Horizon" by David John Baker
"The Anything Cloak" by Michael Wehunt
"A King of Shreds and Patches" by Tom Brennan
"The Garden" by Chris Larsen
"House Hunting" by Shannon Fay
"Matron Saint of Murder" by Alec Austin

The New Yorker, June 4 & 11, 2012

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The New Yorker, June 4 & 11, 2012

(Special Science Fiction Issue)

"The Republic of Empthy" by Sam Lipsyte
"My Internet" by Jonathan Lethem
"Black Box" by Jennifer Egan
"Monstro" by Junot Diaz


Alt. Hist. #2 -- June 2011

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Alt. Hist. #2, June 2011

"Long Nights in Languedoc" by Andrew Knighton
“The Apollo Mission” by David X. Wiggin
“Son of Flanders” by William Knight
“In Cappadocia” by Ashley Rose Sullivan
“The Orchid Hunters” by Priya Sharma
“Death in Theatre” by Jessica Wilson
“The Scarab of Thutmose” by Anna Sykora
“The Watchmaker of Filigree Street” by N.K. Pulley


Alt. Hist. Issue 1

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Alt. Hist. Issue #1

Edited by Mark Lord

(October 2010)

“The Silent Judge” by David W. Landrum
“Easter Parade, 1930” by Rob McClure Smith
“HolyWater” by Andrew Knighton
“Lament for Lost Atlanta” by Arlan Andrews
“The Bitterness of Apples” by Priya Sharma
“Travelling by Air” by Ian Sales

Reviewed by Robert Leishman


Neo-opsis #19, June 2010 (tri-annual)

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“The Burden of Fire” by Hayden Trenholm
“The Kol Effect” by Brent Knowles
“'Swordsman Wanted'” by Patrick Scalisi
“Not Human” by Teresa Howard
“Touching Down” by Jennifer Kennedy
“An Even Trade” by Paula R. Stiles


Abandoned Towers #5 (tri-annual)

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“Zap Zachary Returns” by Stoney M. Setzer
“Gold” by Arthur Mackeown“Ray Guns” by Doug Hilton
“Othan, Debtor” by Kurt Magnus

“The Horrors of War” by Chris Silva
“Mindforms” by Dal Jeanis
“Jeffery’s Story” by Guy Belleranti
“Final Score” by Bradley H. Sinor
“Riding to Hounds” by Thomas Canfield

“Copper-bottom’s Downfall” by Arthur Mackeown

“The Last True Gunslinger” by Y. B. Cats
“The Empty Chair” by Malcom Laughton
“ ‘ware the power” by Jack Mulcahy
“Call of the Northern Seas” by Normal A. Rubin
“Across the Plains” by Lou Antonelli
“Hobocop” by Kevin Bennett
“Odds Are” by Kevin Brown
“The Grave of Armond Balosteros” by E.W. Bonadio
“The Last Saguaro” by Doug Hilton



Neo-opsis #18--December 2009

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alt“Breath and Tide” by Jennifer Greylyn
“Too Human” by Kirk Winning
“Self” by Conrad Jaye
“The Poet” by Dan Asad
“Jerry” by Karl Bunker
“A Day in the Life” by Jennifer Lott
“No Walls” by Scott Overton
“A Trip to the Northern Elves” by Pippa Wysong


Abandoned Towers #3 (tri-annual)

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The Ghost of Preston Manor” by S.J. Higbee

“The Crystal Cage” by Timothy A. Sayell

“Spirits” by Jaleta Clegg

“A Fish was I” by David J. Cohen

Fireworks at the Check-out” by Samantha Priestley

Treasure” by Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Dr. Talbot’s Cider” by Pat Tompkins

Political Camp Pains” by Jonathan D. Scott

Dungeons and Dental Plans” by Tim McDaniel

The Time to Strike” by Andrew Braun

Pests” by Aurelio Rico Lopez III

Missing in Action” by Bruce Durham

The Mailbox” by Colin P Davies

Another Piece of Pie” by C.E. Chaffin

Eternity’s Prelude” by Tommy B. Smith

The Witch of the Westmoors” by Jeff Draper

Realities” by Lyn McConchie

Pathless” by Michael D. Griffiths

And the Wind Sang” by Bradley H. Sinor

The Thousandfold Magic” by TW Williams


Neo-opsis #12

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"The Value of Paper Clips" by Stephan Ingstrand
"In Search of a Loop Hole" by C. S. Johnson
"The Lost Generation" by David Wright
"Fuzzy Green Monster Number Two" by Suzanne Church
"Profit Margin" by Kristopher Latter
"Here There Be Dragons" by Jack Mackenzie
"Mediclone" by Garth Holden
"Expensive Things" by Ryan Laliberte
"Collaboration" by Bruce Barber
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