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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
The 3rd Alternative
The 3rd Alternative is widely acclaimed as one of the world’s most original magazines, containing an exciting mix of extraordinary new fiction, stunning artwork, in-depth reviews and interviews, fascinating cinema features and provocative comment columns. Often transcending the traditional divide between science fiction/fantasy/horror and non-genre literature, its brand of fiction has earned an unprecedented amount of honorable mentions and reprints in both genre and non-genre Year’s Best/New Writing anthologies. The 3rd Alternative and its contributions have won several awards, including the prestigious British Fantasy Award.

Editor: Andy Cox

The 3rd Alternative, #42

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“Dying in the Arms of Jean Harlow (The Coming of the Autoscopes)” by Paul Meloy
“The Word ‘Mermaid’ Written on an Index Card” by Douglas Lain
“The Vegetable Lamb” by Matthew Francis
“House of the Rising Sun” by Elizabeth Bear
“Lago di Iniquità” by Darren Speegle
“Reality Interrupted” by Jason Erik Lundberg


The 3rd Alternative, #41, Spring 2005

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"SS" by Nathan Ballingrud
"A Drop of Ruby" by Cody Goodfellow
"In the Family" by Scott Nicholson
"Going the Jerusalem Mile" by Chaz Brenchley
"The Return" by Conrad Williams
"The Sixteenth Man I Killed" by Martin Simpson
"The Western Front" by Patrick Samphire

The 3rd Alternative, #40, Winter 2004

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"We Must An Anguish Pay" by Steve Mohn  
"Black Static" by Paul Meloy 
"Breaking Glass" by David J. Schwarz  
"Sugar Cream Pie" by Darren Speegle  
"The Cajun Knot" by Melanie Fazi, translated by Brian Stableford 
"Thirst" by Vandana Singh 
"Running on Two Legs" by Eugie Foster

The 3rd Alternative, #38, Summer 2004

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"Has Anyone Here Seen Kristie?" by John Grant
"Nails" by Jeremy Minton
"Pictures on a Café Wall" by Damian Kilby
"The Opposition" by Daniel Kaysen
"Facing the Wall" by Joel Lane
"Golden" by Al Robertson

The 3rd Alternative, #37, Spring 2004

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"Iridescence" by Jay Caselberg
"You Will Hear the Locust Sing" by Joe Hill
"Mission Memory" by Karen Fishler
"Rhythms and Complications" by Gavin Grant
"Terrible Ones" by Tim Pratt
"Relics" by Tim Lees

The 3rd Alternative, #36, Autumn 2003

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"The Park Sweeper" by Lucius Shepard
"The Automatic Circus" by David Ira Cleary
"Miko" by Karen Fisher
"Grief Inc." by Andrew Humphrey
"Phantom Limb" by Martin Simpson

The 3rd Alternative, #35, Summer 2003

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"All Our Heroes Are Bastards" by Jay Lake
"The Butterflies of Memory" by Ian Watson
"Cure" by Christopher Kenworthy
"The Nature of Stone" by Alexander Glass
"Zoster Searches" by Glen Dennis

The 3rd Alternative, #34, Spring 2003

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"Finisterre" by Patrick Samphire
"The Legality of Dreams" by Alan Wall
"Li Ketsuwan" by Eric Brown
"Babies" by Leslie What
"New Life" by James Sallis
"Don't Touch the Blackouts" by Paul Meloy
"The Anti-fan" by Tim Lees
"In the Darkening Green" by Mike O'Driscoll

The 3rd Alternative, #33, Winter 2003

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"With Acknowledgements to Sun Tzu" by Brian Hodge
"Immigrants" by Mary Soon Lee
"Commander Calex Killed, Fire and Fury at Edge of World, Scones Perfect" by Brian Aldiss
"The Chance Walker" by Lynda E. Rucker
"Leon Is Dead" by Simon Avery
"Fleeing Sanctuary" by John Aegard
"Crow Man" by Sarah Singleton