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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993

Aurealis, June/July 2000

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"A Mother's Eyes" by John Higgins
"Sewercide" by Michael Pryor
"Carousel" by Trent Jamieson
"Pillow Girls and Straw Dogs" by Simon Ng
"Can You Hear The Angels Sing?" by Alistair Ong
"The Nativity Plague" by Adam Browne
"All The Flowers of Babylon" by Kathryn Deans
"Universe" by Stephen Higgins
"Coyotes" by Anthony Morris
"The World According to Kipling" by Geoffrey Maloney


Aurealis, December 1999/January 2000

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"The Old God Begins to Reassert Himself" by John Ezzy
"Voyage to Abydos" by Gitte Christensen
"The Feast" by Kyla Ward
"The Love of Beauty" by Kirsten Bishop
"The Spider" by R. G. McCartney
"Roses" by Danielle Ellis
"The Grandmasterís Last Crusade" by Robert Cox
"Basilisk" by Andrew Chapman
"Please Check the Number You Have Dialed" by A. John Wallace
"Rockwood" by Rick Kennett and Bryce Stevens

Aurealis, #22, 1998

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"The Waiting Tree" by Stephen Higgins
"Mating Habits" by Sacha Davis
"The Glass Woman" by Kaaron Warren
"Worm Song" by Naomi Hatchman
"Love Sick" by Anthony Morris
"Dance of the Murran-Ji" by Colin J. Ponting
"End Game" by John T. Stolarczyk

Aurealis, #20, 1998

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"Imagining Alex" by Simon Brown
"Occasional Demons" by Robert Hood
"Rule of the People" by Sean McMullen
"In Theory" by Dirk Strasser
"On the Continent" by Hoa Pham
"Keeping the Moror Running" by Geoffrey Maloney
"The Infinite Race" by Terry Dowling
"Habits of Empire" by Sue Isle"
"Byzantium vs Republic of Australia" by Russell Blackford
"Australian Visions" by Michael Pryor