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Fictitious Force
It's hard to have more fun legally with your clothes on. The good news: Fictitious Force is low in calories, virtually cholesterol-free, and fine to enjoy in public. The bad news: like a vampire you must invite it to come in to your home. We don't promise it won't bite.

Fictitious Force #2

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Image“Even Without Deceit” by Marissa K. Lingen
“The Princess and her Assailants” by Bruce Holland Rogers
“Song of the Mine-Born” by Len Bains
“National Geographic on Assignment: Mermaids of the Old West” by Sarah Monette
“Tulips” by Will McIntosh
“Play Date” by John Sunseri
“Sing for Me” by Marie Brennan
“Supply Ship” by Sara Polsky
“NA/578934” by Claire O’Brien
“Butterfly Jesus Saves the World” by Rahul Kanakia
“The Call” by Jennifer Pelland
“Havermeyer’s Ink” by Peter Mackey


Fictitious Force #1

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"The Harps of the Titans" by Sharon E. Woods
"A Fully Integrated Marketing Plan" by Greg Beatty
"Horse Years" by Will McIntosh
"The Writer's Orchard" by Sandra McDonald
"Elegy for the Square Deal Towns" by Toiya Kristen Finley
"A Spec(i)Fic Retrospective" by Sean Melican
"Dragons Just Wanna Have Fun" by Paul Woodlin
"Walking West" by Joel Best
"Paper Tigers" by Melissa Mead
"(Just Like) Starting Over" by Stephen Couch
"Like Cleveland, Without the Sparkle" by Jay Lake
"Watercolors in the Rain" by Beth Bernobich