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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
GrendelSong: the fantasy magazine of folklore and mythology is a full-color, bi-annual fantasy 'zine that combines short stories, poetry, and interesting, literary nonfiction articles.

Senior Editor: Paul Jessup
Assistant Editor: Rachel Jessup

GrendelSong #2

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"The Goddess Queen's Battlefield" by Eugie Foster
"Azieran: Maixgloan" by Christopher Heath
"Pretty Mary" by Samantha Henderson
"The Gods-Forsaken World" by Steve Goble
"The Glaring Inaccuracy of the Bards" by Berrien C. Henderson
"By the Light of the Dark" by Stephanie Burgis

GrendelSong, Premiere Issue, September 2006

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“Grandmother” by Samantha Henderson
“Treason Is” by Forrest Aguirre
“Munashe and the Spirits” by E. Sedia
“Crow” by Pat Lawrence
“The Branches of the Tree” by Gloria Weber
“Shim Chung the Lotus Queen” by Eugie Foster          
“Ivy and Thorn” by Stephanie Burgis
“The Best of Men, The Best of Times” by Jay Lake