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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
In each issue of Paradox, you will find an abundance of short historical fiction, as well as fantasy, science fiction, and horror with historical themes—e.g., alternate history, myth, time travel, Arthuriana.  The magazine also includes interviews with best-selling historical novelists, essays on topics in history and literature, reviews of current historical fiction books and films, and more!

Paradox ceased publication in 2009.

Website and subscriptions: www.paradoxmag.com

Editor: Christopher Cevasco

Paradox, Issue 10, Winter 2006-2007

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"Amante Dorée" by Sarah Monette
"After the Circus" by Danny Adams
"The Qualities of a Monarch" by C. Kevin Barrett
"Marathon" by Bruce Durham
"The Duke of Bedford Prays for His Brother's Soul" by Anne Sheldon
"The Luck of the Irish" by Brian K. Crawford
"Somewhere, Sometime on the Nile" by Stephanie Dray

Paradox, #9, Summer 2006

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“A Storm Over Cumorah” by Richard Mueller
“Kitsune” by Adam Stemple
“The Last Race” by Gene Spears
“Proserpina’s Curse” by Lisa Jensen
“The Archer of the Sun and the Lady of the Moon” by Eugie Foster
“The Mouse and the Buzzer” by Tom Brennan
“Tea for Three” by Ernesto Brosa
“The Meteor of War” by Andrew Tisbert

Paradox, #8, Winter 2005-2006

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“Anezka” by Bruce Durham
“O, Pioneer” by Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff
“Draw Thy Breath in Pain” by Carrie Vaughn
“Cassandra’s Cargo” by D.J. Cockburn
“Forty Shades of Gray” by Tom Welch
“Power Play” by Jack Whyte

Paradox, #7, Summer 2005

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“A Tear like a Rainbow” by Meredith Simmons
“The Avowing of Sir Kay” Cherith Baldry
“A Monument More Lasting Than Brass” by Steven Mohan, Jr.
“The Tiger Fortune Princess” by Eugie Foster
“A Taste of Ashes” by Ilsa J. Bick
“A Hand in the Stream” by Darron T. Moore
“The Gods of Green and Gray” by Paul Finch

Paradox, #6, Winter 2004-2005

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"The Three Truths," by Adam Stemple
"The Alternate History of Arthur Eisen," by Matthew S. Rotundo
"Osiris Rising," by Resa Nelson
"Tiger Heart Wrapp'd in a Woman's Hide," by Karen L. Abrahamson
"Milk in a Silver Cup," by Meredith Simmons
"Isandhlwana At Dawn," by Clyde E. Miller
"Lady of the Birds," by Beverly Suarez-Beard
"For You, Lili Marlene," by Rita Oakes


Paradox, #5, Summer 2004

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"The Wailing on the Water" by Paul Finch
"Servant of Iblis" by Howard Andrew Jones
"Restoration" by David J. Sakmyster
"The Moon Shone on My Slumbers" by C. Mitchell O'Neal
"1923" by C. Kevin Barrett
"Cleopatra's Needle" by Karen L. Kobylarz
"The Ill-Fated Crusade" by Charles Coleman Finlay

Paradox, #3, Autumn 2003

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"Escape Hatch" by Brenda W. Clough
"And Yet It Moves" by Kenneth B. Chiacchia
"The Fighters" by Steve Vance
"Perhaps a Goddess" by Colin P. Davies
"The Harp That Sang" by Jennifer Barlow
"The Savage Infant" by Sarah Prineas
"Wings" by Sarah A. Hoyt

Paradox, #2, Summer 2003

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"An Endless Array of Broken Men" by Edison McDaniels II
"The Stones of Stupidity and Deceit" by Greg Beatty
"Long Pilgrimage Home" by Jeff Crook
"Sacrifice" by James Van Pelt
"Study of the Regular Division of a Plane with Reptiles" by Kevin James Kage
"The Coming of Merlin" by Douglas W. Clark
"Paradise Lost" by Drew Karpyshyn