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the genre's premiere review magazine for short SF & Fantasy since 1993
In each issue of Paradox, you will find an abundance of short historical fiction, as well as fantasy, science fiction, and horror with historical themes—e.g., alternate history, myth, time travel, Arthuriana.  The magazine also includes interviews with best-selling historical novelists, essays on topics in history and literature, reviews of current historical fiction books and films, and more!

Paradox ceased publication in 2009.

Website and subscriptions: www.paradoxmag.com

Editor: Christopher Cevasco

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# Article Title Author
1 Paradox, Issue 10, Winter 2006-2007 Sherwood Smith
2 Paradox, #9, Summer 2006 Sherwood Smith
3 Paradox, #8, Winter 2005-2006 Elizabeth A. Allen
4 Paradox, #7, Summer 2005 Sherwood Smith
5 Paradox, #6, Winter 2004-2005 Rebecca Gold
6 Paradox, #5, Summer 2004 Steven H. Silver
7 Paradox, #3, Autumn 2003 Steven H. Silver
8 Paradox, #2, Summer 2003 Steven H. Silver