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... (CR), Kris Rudin (KR), John Sulyok (JS), Dave Truesdale (DT), Louis West (LW), Daniel Woods (DW). I wish to thank the reviewers for the time and energy they have devoted to reading and reviewing this ...
2. Strange Horizons, August 19, 2013
(E-Market / Weekly/Strange Horizons)
Strange Horizons, August 19, 2013 “A Plant (Whose Name is Destroyed)” by Seth Dickinson Reviewed by Daniel Woods. "I don't understand," Naveen says, "why you didn't just tell me." Naveen's ...
3. Strange Horizons, August 12, 2013
(E-Market / Weekly/Strange Horizons)
Strange Horizons, August 12, 2013 “Din Ba Din” by Kate MacLeod Reviewed by Daniel Woods “My grief is scattered across my life. But I have yet to live that day.” A nameless woman ...
4. Strange Horizons, August 5, 2013
(E-Market / Weekly/Strange Horizons)
Strange Horizons, August 5, 2013 “Complicated and Stupid” by Charlie Jane Anders Reviewed by Daniel Woods. In Charlie Jane Anders's convoluted tale of love, lust, and manufactured happiness, ...
5. Clarkesworld #77, February 2013
(E-Market / Monthly/Clarkesworld)
Clarkesworld #77, February 2013   “Gravity” by Erzebet Yellowboy “The Wanderers” by Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam “Vacant Spaces” by Greg Kurzawa Reviewed by Daniel Woods.  ...
6. Eclipse Online #4, January 2013
(E-Market / Monthly/Eclipse Online)
Eclipse Online #4, January 2013   “The Amnesia Helmet” by F. Brett Cox “The Advocate” by Genevieve Valentine Reviewed by Daniel Woods “The Amnesia Helmet” by F. Brett ...
... Melville, (BM), Cyd Athens (CA), Colleen Chen (CC), Chuck Rothman (CR), Dario Ciriello (DC), Dave Truesdale (DT), Daniel Woods (DW), Jo-Anne Odell (JO), Joseph Giddings (JG), John Sulyok (JS), Louis West ...
8. Penumbra #10 & #11, July & August 2012
(E-Market / Monthly/Penumbra)
... Theatre On the Air” by Gary K. Wolf “Price of Allegiance” by Alex Shvartsman “A Luscious Kurdistan Strawberry” by SS Hampton, Sr. Reviewed by Daniel Woods. “The Dragon of the Apocalypse” ...
9. Analog -- July/August 2012
(Print / Monthly/Analog)
... North Revena Ladies Literary Society” by Catherine Shaffer “Sam Below Par” by Ben Bova Reviewed by Dario Ciriello and Daniel Woods “Red Rover, Red Rover” by Howard Hendrix “The Mutant ...
10. Asimov's -- June 2012
(Print / Monthly/Asimov's)
... D. Riviera “Possible Monsters” by Will McIntosh “Scout” by Bud Sparhawk “The Widdershins Clock” by Kali Wallace Reviewed by Daniel Woods “Waiting At The Altar” by Jack McDevitt  ...
11. Analog -- May 2012
(Print / Monthly/Analog)
... J. Sawyer (Part IV of IV, not reviewed) Reviewed by Daniel Woods “The End Of Ordinary Life” by Daniel Hatch “... this is a story that goes so far beyond the ordinary [...] it really ...
12. Fantasy Magazine #57, December 2011
(E-Market / Monthly/Fantasy Magazine)
Special Double Review Fantasy Magazine #57, December 2011 Reviewed by Richard Aphron & Daniel Woods “Her Lover’s Golden Hair” by Nike Sulway “Crystal Halloway and the Forgotten ...
... Jones (RJ), John Sulyok (JS), Sherry Decker (SD), Robert Waters (RW), Richard Aphron (RA), Matthew Nadelhaft (MN), Daniel Woods (DW), Steven H Silver (SS), Nader Elhefnawy (NE), Dario Ciriello (DC). My ...
14. Beneath Ceaseless Skies #81 & #82
(E-Market / Bi-Weekly/Beneath Ceaseless Skies)
... Moment...” by Stephen Case “The Red Chord” by Wren Wallis Reviewed by Daniel Woods “Hence the King from Kagehana” (Parts I and II) by Michael Anthony Ashley Saga is a samurai of ...
15. Asimov's -- Oct./Nov. 2011
(Print / Monthly/Asimov's)
...  “Free Dog” by Jack Skillingstead “To Live and Die in Gibbontown” by Derek Künsken “A Hundred Hundred Daisies” by Nancy Kress Reviewed by Daniel Woods “Stealth” by Kristine Kathryn ...
... Blough, BTS=Bryan Thomas Schmidt, CS=Carl Slaughter, DT=Dave Truesdale, DW=Daniel Woods, FD=Frank Dutkiewicz, ID=Indrapramit Das, JG=Joe Giddings, JO=Jo-Anne Odell, KJG=KJ Greenberg, MJ=Maggie ...
17. On Spec #79 -- Winter 2009/2010
(Print / Quarterly/On Spec)
... Deer's Thorn” by Esther Rochon (translated by Jean-Louis Trudel) “Perfect Day” by Chris Wroblewski Reviewed by Daniel Woods “Orchids” by Christopher Johnstone Abramelin da Viadro is a “student of the ...
18. Realms of Fantasy -- June 2010
(Print / Bi-Monthly/Realms of Fantasy)
... by Daniel Woods “Desaparecidos” by Aliette de Bodard Acamba Valley was a happy, vibrant place. The people were friendly, and the city of El Águila was a bustling tourist attraction, only 15 kilometres ...
19. Asimov's, June 2010
(Print / Monthly/Asimov's)
... by Benjamin Crowell “Earth III” by Stephen Baxter Reviewed by Daniel Woods “Monkey Do” by Kit Reed Ever hear that old saying about a thousand monkeys on a thousand typewriters? Billy Masterton ...
... Moleti, CLR= C. L. Rossman, CS=Carl Slaughter, DT=Dave Truesdale, RW=Robert Waters, DW=Daniel Woods)   Short Stories "Excellence" by Richard A. Lovett (Analog, 1-2/09) SF (DT, ...
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