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21. Fantasy & Science Fiction -- Mar/Apr 2010
(Print / Bi-Monthly/Fantasy & Science Fiction)
Here we have two reviews of the March/April F&SF; the first by Bob Blough and the second by Daniel Woods. “Amor Fugit” by Alexandra Duncan “Fort Clay, Louisiana: A Tragical History” by Albert E. Cowdrey ...
22. Electric Velocipede 17/18, Spring 2009
( Bi-Annual/Electric Velocipede)
... “The Spaces between Things” by Matthew Kressel [Editor’s note:  This double issue is reviewed by three reviewers, each taking a number of stories. The first seven stories are reviewed by Daniel Woods; ...
23. Reunion by Rick Hautala
(Print / Other/Novellas, Chapbooks, Misc.)
Reunion by Rick Hautala PS Publishing December 2009 Reviewed  by Daniel Woods Rick Hautala's Reunion is a story about living with mistakes. If you could change one moment from your life, and right ...